From: Siobhan Carolan
Sent: August 24, 2006
Subject: File No. 4-519

Good morning,

Attached is an email I received this morning for no apparent reason.

Perhaps you may be in a position to track down the original sender.


Siobhan Carolan
Central Pricing Unit
Bank of Ireland Securities Services

From: Dicky Lam []
Sent: 24 August 2006 10:43
To: siobhan.carolan
Subject: opulent castle

sample spam graphic promoting a penny stock

They tell me it hasbeen here a hundred years or more.
He gathered them until he had filled his tilma. And the motherssee to it that the children are clean, and that there are sponsorsfor all. But this is not the day to write you of my duties or my purposes.
It was heavy and somewhat clumsy, but notunsightly. Even his eyes were near-sighted, and of such a pale,watery blue as to be unimpressive.
Still halfbelieving that he was lodged near St. She was not old, she might have been very young,but she was probably half-witted. He exhibited withpeculiar pride two cream-coloured mules, stalled side by side.
From here I go to Santa Fé, and, after a day inconference with the Bishop, I start for Mora.
On my whole estate there is nothing Iprize like those two.
The prospect of a nightin the open was not cheering.
We will come to shelter of somekind before night sets in. They reached the town of Mora a little after midnight. It had happened in a streetin New Orleans.
And it is for the peoples good; there is no other way in whichthey can better their condition.
On his arrival hefound amity instead of enmity awaiting him. And tell me, Manuelito, where do you get that brandy? And the silver of the Spaniards wasreally Moorish, was it not?
For a man with short legs, like me, it is a punishmentto ride eight hours a day on a wide horse.
You said that to the Padre atAlbuquerque? There is only an open fire-place for cooking, and anearthen roasting-oven out in the court-yard. Hewas a man of thirty-five, settled in figure and somewhat full underthe chin.
Does anyone knowthe extent of this diocese, or of this territory? Some of the men had even gashed their hands. I am by no means sure that we can keep in the road, said theBishop.
It must have been brought up from Mexico City in an ox-cart. A slight taste of the cork; they do not know how to keep itproperly.
The Bishopworks as hard as I do, and his horse is little better than mine.
It must have been brought up from Mexico City in an ox-cart.
I do not seeyou as you really are, Joseph; I see you through my affection foryou.
His pale, near-sighted eyes had always the look ofpeering into distance.
On either side of the fire-place plastered recesses were let intothe wall.