From: Jack E Trullinger, Jr
Sent: January 19, 2007
Subject: File No. 4-519

Dear Ms. Nancy Morris,
I have read your proposal for changes regarding the way "Pink Sheet" companies can operate. Why do these measures have to be adopted?? If this is protection for potential shareholders, WHY IS IT NOT IMMEDIATELY IMPLEMENTED?

I am in complete agreement with your ideas on this matter!

Please excuse my brevity in this matter...

This is my introduction into the stock market and I have a small position with CSHD. At first it was my investment that I was screaming it seems the (who's on first, who's on second) process precedes my initial alarm. Can you please try to explain how this fiasco can continue to exist?
With all of the alphabet federal agencies that have seemingly been involved for several months?
Is the SEC in place to stop this type of fraud against earnest shareholders before it happens? Protect shareholders from such wrong- doing? Are they in place to have the shareholders BEST INTERESTS?
This seems hardly the case at all! If not, what is their responsibility regarding these matters??
I know very little about the stock market, however, I am a comprehensive reader, and none of this story makes any sense! This story has more subplots than any TNT drama what you could EVER imagine! I am not trying to draw light on this situation...but its true!
Please respond to me in some fashion, as I would greatly appreciate any insight into this situation you may be able to offer me. Thank you, Ms. Morris.

Jack E Trullinger, Jr.