From: E. Alon
Sent: October 26, 2006
Subject: File No. 4-519

I am getting several emails two or three times a day, unsolicited, form promoters making all kinds of wild claims about various pink sheet stocks. The emails have all types of weird headings to throw people off and are about oil stocks and other companies with very little information and no disclosures. Stocks like arss and litl among others (pink sheets).

I have tried asking them to stop sending spam but I imagine they have tens of thousands of email names and just send them out automatically in mass amounts.

I know most of these deals are spam and scams and have gone to the pink sheets site to find that these companies are not reporting properly and do not have accurate information, among other things. I know they are getting paid in amounts of stock and are just promoting these stocks in order to push the price up so they can sell off their stock at a profit. I know laws prohibit these companies or individuals from illegally promoting these scams especially without proper information, licensing and disclosures. I first of all want to be off these lists and then I believe they should be prosecuted.

E. Alon