From: Robert Fullhardt
Sent: September 25, 2016
Subject: RE: In the Matter of Gregg C. Lorenzo, Francis V. Lorenzo, and Charles Vista LLC (AP File No. 3-15211)

Hi Sondra – I wish to make public the following statement – please let me know of any questions:

In 2008, I purchased $25,000.00 of convertible debt in Waste2Energy (“W2E”) upon the robust recommendation of Gregg Lorenzo, CEO and founder of Charles Vista.  He told me W2E was a growing company with a bright future.  During the next 6-12 months, I asked Gregg about my investment numerous times and he was repeatedly optimistic about W2E’s prospects.  I never received any contact from W2E and I later learned the company was dissolved.  I believe Gregg knowingly misrepresented the financial aspects of W2E when he recommended my investment purchase.

Robert Fullhardt