Subject: Proposed Distribution Plan; File No. 3-13847
From: Cheryn N. Baker
Mississippi Secretary of State’s Office

May 2, 2013

On behalf of the Secretary of State of the State of Mississippi, our agency submits the following comments on the proposed plan of distribution.

Section 35 – We request that the Administrator submit to the state securities regulators the same information that is submitted to the Commission Staff. This will allow the state regulators to assist in this process of locating investors.
Section 36 – We request that the notice to investors emphasize to the investors that the Administrator will not send the investor any acknowledgement of receipt of timely delivery or otherwise, and thus therefore the administrator highly recommends that the investor send the claim to the Administrator by certified mail, return receipt requested or by other method by which timely delivery can be confirmed and that the investor keep a file copy of the claim form.
Section 54 -- This section has no time deadlines for actions to be taken. We request that the Commission staff obtain authorization from the Commission within 20 days to disburse pursuant to Rule 1101(b)(6). We further request that the Commission staff will cause the transfer of funds to the QSF account within 20 days of the approval of the Commission.

Thank you for this opportunity to provide comments on the Plan.

Sincerely, Cheryn Baker

Cheryn N. Baker
Assistant Secretary of State
Securities Division
Mississippi Secretary of State’s Office
700 North Street
Jackson MS 39202