Subject: File No. 3-11590
From: Dean A Therrien

December 13, 2007

Regardless of which funds Janus choose to perform its insider trading scam, it truly affected every one of the Janus stock holders. You may say, "Yes, but the legal penalty wasnt with such and such a fund", I totally disagree. Because of the public information concerning this issue, there was a lack of possible contributions from existing fund owners, and of course, possible future fund holders, which in turn, depreciated the value of every fund. The penalty for the insider trading should be across the board. The management lacked the moral obligation to operate every fund responsible, and each member of Janus should feel some compensation. I have thousands invested in this firm, and felt totally betrayed. The greed of the upper management is truly shameful, and each member should receive something, even its it is pennies to the dollar, regardless of the fund manipulation. Management just went for the easiest fund for manipulation, either way, its another Enron (sort of), and truly lacking its obligation to the people, all for greed.

Dean Therrien