Subject: File No. 3-11590
From: Richard A. Ball

November 28, 2007

The SEC has extended the time period regarding the Janus Distribution Plan on more than one occasion. Curious that no reason has ever been provided to the investors as to a really sound, sensible reason for your delaying decisions. Oh, wait, is this my government at work for the benefit of the individual investor? Oops, I think not. Hopefully, you will "get off the dime" on 12/19/07. We can hope and pray that all SEC decisions makers are not totally inept. After YEARS, please have some consideration for those of us waiting to be "made whole". I have a real concern that I will be dead before this is resolved. Know you don't answer email, maybe you actually read them. Now, there's a concept.

Richard A. Ball
waiting to be made whole