From: Paul Craven
Sent: October 30, 2007
Subject: File No. 3-11590

My primary comment as it regards to the restoration plan for my investment in the Janus World Wide is that is criminal to allow them to drag out this reimbursement for almost 4 years. How hard can it be to determine the amount of illegal trading that occurred and then determine a penalty? Other funds settled this matter in a fairly quick manner. It seems the SEC is more concerned in protecting Janus than they are the individual investor. While Janus has had the opportunity to recover from whatever you eventually do to them with the market recovery of the past 4 years, the individual investor has missed this opportunity. At worst the amount that was lost to the individual through their illegal trades should have been reimbursed immediately. Then they could drag their feet on the penalty. Typical that our government does not work for us as taxpayers while wasting our tax dollars.

Paul Craven