Subject: File No. 3-11590
From: Wayne Boyd

June 22, 2007

As a previous shareholder of the Janus Worldwide Fund, I strongly oppose the idea of NOT paying investors the money that is owed them. The $10 cut off is NOT fair, I would agree with a $1, but if I am due any amount above that then I want my payout. Besides giving the money back to the same fund that cheated us in the first place is also idiotic The fund has the records on its investors so all you do is cut a check and put a .41 cent stamp on the envelope.
Those of us who put our trust with these crooks do not deserve to get the shaft again by limiting the payouts and awarding the fund with our payouts.
How crazy is that scheme??

This aspect of the plan is a continuation of the scandal that started years ago, Why perpetuate the pain to defrauded shareholders by dening them their rightful payments