Subject: File No. 3-11590
From: Kelly S McEntire, Executor
Affiliation: Retired State Administrator/Executor for Janus Capital Investments

June 5, 2007

As the executor of the Trust and Estate of Janice Selander (McEntire) I am very interested in the outcome of these events.
According to FBI files because my wife's ex partner was a Utah state Administrator, who illegally took over the trust and Estate through terrisom and identity theft I am anxious to get this issue resolved.

I am saddened that I have not been granted the oppertunity to put these people in prison where they belong, and that the SEC lacks the regulatory ability to aid me in my attempts.

They have frozen my bank accounts, made sure that I can't respond, kept me tied up in court for 20 months, and no state attorney will aid me because of the state affliation.

The SEC needs to be granted more regulatory ability not only to stop and disgorge such activities but to aid the rightful beneficiaries in claiming there families interests.