Subject: File No. 3-11317
From: Kathleen Victor

March 30, 2007

"Comments attached"

Hi. My sister had about 5 of the Putnam funds and Putnam Investments was managing the plan for Textron in Manchester, NH where my sister worked. She was aware of the illegal/unfair trading practices of Putnam, but didn't know where or who to contact. We tried asking Putnam, but they didn't want to tell us anything. I either emailed or called the SEC and got nowhere. We were trying to find out which funds (symbols) were included and during what time period you had to own them. My sister knew nothing about stocks or mutual funds, all she knew is that she was making a weekly contribution to a place who managed a portfolio of funds and was expecting her money to grow!! She was at a big loss. How can we find out if she's got anything coming to her? I once saw a list online of some of the symbols of funds and she did own a few of them through Putnam. She never received anything in the mail. There's so much gargon to read - we'd like it in simple terms; if you owned X-Y-Z fund, from 00-00-00 through 00-00-00 then you are possibly entitled to compensation for getting screwed. It's so hard to understand and read through the lines with those legal papers. Can you help, please? She's disabled and about to turn 65, it would be nice to give her some good news. Is there a legit site that I can go on to find this info?

Kathleen Victor