Subject: File No. 265-27
From: Christopher J DiIorio
Affiliation: Whistleblower

July 17, 2016

Mr Zinn, Chair White
A complete list of individuals in possession of my information:
Commissioner Stein, Nominees Pierce and Fairfax, SEC IG,McKessy,Ceresney,Calamari,Paley,Goodman,Sollazzo,Hannibal,Windsor,Wardlaw,Norberg,Kringel,McGovern,

IRS: Arora, Sarnacki,Sophia, Wagner

Bharara,Day,Capers, Solomon,Tuchmann,Paes,Braconi,DelZotto,Chen.

Congress: Ken Buck, Sisto, Goshorn

In 2011, I alerted the SEC that KCG/NITE was insolvent as a result of the activity detailed in my claims. Rather than prosecuting, the SEC chose to bail out a known criminal enterprise :KCG/NITE. The SEC,DOJ/FBI, IRS, and Congress have chosen to obstruct a criminal investigation rather than stop the activity detailed in my claims. As a result, the activity continues unabated today. The investing public has been put at risk INTENTIONALLY as a result.
I look forward to any of the above mentioned to refute my claims.
Chris DiIorio