Subject: File No. 265-27
From: Craig S Harlamert
Affiliation: Owner of Relaxco

January 26, 2012

As a person who has talked with Presidents Clinton and Bush Jr. and worked with the UN NASA inventor of the Space Shuttle and Stealth Bomber, a billionaire was helping me personally before being called to war. I am having a hard time with the current regulations that stop banks from loaning me money for product lines, for inventory building even after retailers like Walmart and Dicks Sporting Goods have said they want them.
As a man who sat in 10+ meetings with then retired NASA UN member showing him new product lines.(10+) I'm tired of the BS I hear every time a group says we need to simply put create jobs in America. My plans will create thousnds of jobs, we had started in New Mexico before George Bush took over the situation as he took over the USA money movements.
Where is the money movement to start the systems we have been outlining in documents for participation for years?
I started with Bob H. of NASA, UNITED NATIONS, SCORE, SBA, SBDC, in 1990's. I have followed SBA suggestions and have business plans on gov. sites, yet no funding yet. Even though we have an International Finance Company who has worked with businesses all over the world and gave advances of profits over 7 billion dollars gaurenteed my business an 80% profit advance that will cover loans for inventory to be placed where they will advance the payments.
Some of the ideas have been stolen and made in China.
The items where shown to Americans assuring NDA and yet they saw a way to "earn money" and took it.
There is no reason not to make new products here in the USA.
This is a probable big deal. NASA was asked to do a study on the possible effects of millions of people using our products. We may help the gloabl warming problems with 1-6 products. We are sure that Billions of people would be glad to use them daily
World Vision has shown interest in products for disaster relief. FEMA ordered 420 million MRE's and could order 420 million ...... from us, that would create 450 jobs immediately. Many more eventually.. do you understand? Retailing this item is also to be done in packages of new products selling in 7 markets.
That's just a quick glance at a few of the new product ideas of our Company. You should have a meeting with me and we should fund the projects for the 15-25 new product lines that we can make in the USA and sell for profits globally. Or better yet let the bank that has approved my plans loan me money now. (#1 bank in Indiana First Source Bank)
A business school evaluated the plans with UN Advisery Council overseeing it in the 1990's. They estimated the business will grow to an annual profit in the billions of USD. Isn't it worth your time to meet with me and our innovators to make some of this happen now?
That is real good progress and not BS... redefining things, we don't need more wordy explinations we need real products from real work, to really be sold globally from the USA ASAP.
What are you going to really do for me and my people?
Our plans will create thousands if not millions of jobs.