Subject: File Number 265-27
From: Darrell Starr-Jude

February 16, 2016

To Whom it May Concern:

In my trading with MNKD, I am seeing the first hand destruction of  a stock funded corporation. MNKD’s Afrezza Diabetic Medication (an Inhaled Insulin) has the ability to ease the stigma, pain and deliver a better quality of life. Mannkind Corporation faces obstacles: product recognition, user awareness, financial debts,  and under 5 million shares daily traded.

At $11.00 a share before FDA approval it is now $0.50. It is better to be blind at birth, then to have vision and not see. The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) statement, “ To protect the fairness, growth and gains of a Stock Funded Market and their investor” are great words.

Yet, there are questions. “Does Creativity Manipulation (CM) exist?” “Can CM only be discovered through data collected?” “Is Data spontaneously scanned for patterns and patterns immediately flagged?’  Which leaves the most important question, “Are Patterns corrected in a expedite manner?”

This is not 1931, social media and enlightenment into the current trade system allows individuals the ability to observe devious trade action. These new CM traders  invest by data and numbers. The  corporation product means very little. The ability to produce a stable corporation erased by activist that wish to split and divide. CM take stock investments as a game and they reward a stock corporation and their long term investor: by stealing their monetary worth.

I think it is safe to say IPO’s are down and many stock funded corporations are buying their shares back. The individual person is scared to invest. Their money is hard to get, unlike a CM fast and easy.  To succeed a safety net must surround the most important part of this puzzle (game), Stocks are very important to America’s growth. The investor (those seeking business success) long term investment must be persevered.

A long term share holder must know that a positive, protected system returns gains to those seeking success in a business.  Individuals or organizations using CM to deflate, gossip and produce harm to stock funded organizations must be recognized. If personal reasons produce self serving private gains at the cost of the majority of investors strict punishments must be enacted quickly.  Preferably, in seconds after a pattern formed and recognized; Large corporations in manufacturing   (such as the automobile) shut down in seconds.  Trading is math two actions: buy (wishing to be owner) and sale (relinquishment of ownership).  

Example:  The share level is small use this as a tool to seek CM. The results can then be applied to all shares.

MNKD on 2/14/2017 exhibits current and past daily charts showing no gains after large purchases. The stall and reversal can only be created by Creativity Manipulation using trade action. System monitoring to measure owner sell (share relinquishment) must use fast immediate trade action for data observations.

Without the detailed knowledge to produce the numbers, churning and stalling of a current ASK PPS exist. This action brings disastrous results to long term and low traded stock corporations. The ability to lower through BID/ASK Widen spread windows being the doorway. Tight spreads are not tight when either the current ASK PPS rises or BID Lowers to produce an roadway to drive a new ASK to sell order in the created gap window.

The control of the current BID/ASK spread value is the goal. The monetary value established at .0001 trades has unbelievable usage; a tool being abused to harm long term investors and the Stock funded corporation. Why would a Creativity Manipulator seek profit by selecting MNKD at the 6 highest shorted stock valued 0.50 cents? The current trader action makes it an easy defenseless target.

Failure due to price being driven is very unfair and have the ability destroy success. This Driving of the price is like buying an insurance on a home and burning it down. The insurance company will pay if not caught.

MNKD product works, many patents owned, successful diabetic users: before FDA approval $11.00 a share. Many investors still are buying shares investors and over 18,000 website followers. MNKD success as any product takes time and exposure, unfortunately Creativity Manipulators see filling their pocket book. Their market is a game and their money is played for short term gains. America losses: In My humble opinion.