Subject: File No. 265-25-04
From: Ernest R Manno

June 30, 2010


They buy equities and the market goes up along the way they sell
then sell short and make more money to a limit then they buy and get all
the small guys to come back in they use any kind of words in the media to
convince the small guy to get back in because they want more of our money.

Keeping in mind the machines are running the trades now. Once a brokerage
or bank makes a decision to sell big time they know the other computers will
pick this up and the big sell starts. They sell so fast that many stop orders kick
in and the small guy looses 7 to 15% of his investments. Now the market has
gone down to a point that the small guy is going to hold on in hopes it will
come back and the big guy starts shorting the market and takes even more money
out of it. Well the little guy that did not sell right away because they cant afford
the loss looses even more.

Now the big guys say, well we hit equities good lets move on to the next scheme.
Lets buy the dollar but before we do that make sure were out of commodities.
So all this time commodities have been going up and now the huge sell off begins
with commodities and the big guys make money the small guy looses even more. The big
guys are now shorting commodities while buying the dollar which is going up. As
the dollar is going up and commodities continue to go down the only person that gets
it stuck in their @#$ is the small investor and the many 401 and IRA programs that
are out there.

Come on people O U T L A W S H O R T I N G T H E M A R K E T O N
A N Y T H I N G.

If you care about us little guys at all you would do this. You say you want to protect
the investor well here it is. Its not an excuse for the big guys to say we need shorting
to protect our profits and Ive heard them say this. They are making money no
matter what they do and its hurting investors.