Subject: File No. 265-24
From: Paul Snijders
Affiliation: CEO

March 3, 2008

Semansys Technologies is one of the leading XBRL technology providers in the world with a large number of implementations and partners throughout the world.

We have developed XBRL technology starting from the inception of XBRL version 1.0. We are fully committed to the XBRL standard, which means that our software completely complies with the XBRL standard requirements.

In this respect we participate, stimulate and follow new developments very closely.

One of the areas of interest is the new Rendering specification and the Inline XBRL specification as a intermediate result of the work done in this area.

Semansys has analyzed the requirements as detailed in the Inline XBRL specification (public Working Draft 23 January 2008) and consider this an important contribution to the usability of the standard. Semansys is committed to provide the XBRL inline processer as part of its complete product suite and solutions. Market availability depends on the development effort and priorities.

In this respect we are very interested to learn from SEC what the current implementation plans are. Depending on this feedback, we could consider to prioritize this particular development effort to comply with the expectations of the SEC. As such we hope to be able to bring a serious contribution to the adoption of XBRL in the USA.

If you would like to discuss our ideas and suggestions on this topic in more detail, please contact:

Paul Snijders
Semansys Technologies
phone: + 31 79 361 5931
Vice Chair XBRL Netherlands

(Attached File #1: 26524-48.pdf)