Subject: File No. 10-222
From: Emma Hibernia
Affiliation: Aberdeen Middle School

December 23, 2015

Dear SEC:

I saw that letter Danny Mulson wrote to you. The Whole School Saw It. You need to know that Danny Mulson NEVER tells you everything he just tells you what HE wants you to know.

OK Mr. Fields is fast. BUT Mr. Fields also takes 10 cents from everybody he checks out and when you complain about it he just laughs and says it's part of his job and everybody gets paid for their job so he should too. I thought he already got paid? But he said it wasn't enough. And suppose you want TWO milks well the first milk will cost you one price and then he charges MORE for the second one and you say they were all there to start with and the price tag was the same for ALL of them and he just says things change. WHAT CHANGED??

And Mr. Fields is creepy too just like Danny said but he didn't tell you everything at all. Mr. Fields got the cafeteria manager to make the GIRLS go down one ramp to the registers and the BOYS go down another ramp and the girls ramp is LOWER so instead of looking at us at eye level he gets to look down at us. Do you get what I mean?? So we complained to the cafeteria managers and they said it makes everything BETTER? And even though I begged her NOT TO my mother complained to the school board and they said they would put it on the agenda for like some meeting a gillion years from now after they talked about parking and everybody is already DEAD.

Very truly yours,