Subject: File No. 10-222
From: Ektrit Manushi

December 24, 2015


Trade is implemented via a legal system, there is rule of law. As such, any trade, whether food, stocks, oil, clothing or bonds must be done within the force of the law.

There is a reason FDA has to approve new drugs, hence "slowing down" invention and production of drugs on purpose.

There is a reason that when trucks cross the border, the flow of goods is "slowed down" on purpose in order to check all documentation according to the law.

Please do imagine what would happen if drug manufacturers, border controls, port controls let the trade flow at the maximum speed possible? Mayhem would ensue. People would die from faulty drugs, organized crime would thrive by running fast through borders.

By definition, any trade (oil, food, clothing, stocks, bonds, cars, smart phones all trade) must be "slowed down on purpose" to the point of being within the law.

Madam/Sir, only organized crime has no speed limit as far as executing their business, since they operate out of the law.

As such, HFT must be "slowed down on purpose" to the point of being able to be regulated by the law, since right now only few have that capability, thus harming everybody else. HFT is currently operating like organized crime.

I am begging Congress of the United States of America to assert the rule of law on this domain.

Thank you.