Subject: File No. 10-222
From: John A Kelly

December 14, 2015

As an average American investor I fully support the IEX application to become s fully licensed U.S. Securities Exchange.

Why should they not be licensed? They represent a shred of integrity in the marketplace that, unfortunately and sadly, the average person is trying to hold on to. Is it too much to ask that there be at least some hope that I can believe in long term investing as opposed to the market being subject primarily to short term opportunistic intermediaries? Frankly, I cannot really comprehend why I have to write these words in support of a bit of decency and fairness in the markets.

IEX will provide protected quotations. Why should they not be at least one alternative to orders being impacted and influenced by speed-enabled trading?

In the interest of at least a tiny bit of fairness for average investors who want to trust in the future of their investments, please license IEX

John Kelly