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Saving a Link (or Target)

Sometimes we have extremely large files on our website. Certain EDGAR filings, for example, can be a few megabytes (MB) in size. If your Internet connection is not very fast, or if there is a lot of interference somewhere in your connection, you may be unable to view one of these documents in your browser by simply clicking on the hypertext link to the file. In that case, you may wish to try saving the file locally and viewing it from your own hard drive. To do this without trying to bring the file up in the browser first, you must "save the link" or "save the target" (different browsers use different terminology).

Try the following:

  1. Put the mouse pointer over the link to the document and right click with the mouse. [Note: one-button mouse users will have to consult their system and/or browser documentation for the equivalent command.]
  2. From the pop-up menu, select "Save Link As ..." or "Save Target As ..."
  3. Select a directory and local file name for the document (if you wish), and save the file.

If the download goes successfully, you ought to be able to use your browser's File - Open [file or page, depending on the browser] feature to view the document.