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 Exhibit 21. Subsidiaries of the Registrant

The Timken Company has no parent company.

The active subsidiaries of the Company (all of which are included in the Consolidated Financial Statements of the Company and its subsidiaries) are as follows:
NameState or sovereign power under laws of which organizedPercentage of voting securities owned directly or indirectly by Company
United States
AIPCF V Feeder CTP Belt, LLCDelaware100.0 %
Bearing Inspection, Inc.California100.0 %
Beka World LP Georgia100.0 %
Beka World Management Inc. Georgia100.0 %
Cone Drive Operations Inc. Delaware100.0 %
Diamond Chain Company, Inc.Delaware100.0 %
Diamond Chain China Company Inc.Delaware100.0 %
Drives Brazil Holdings I, LLCDelaware100.0 %
Drives Brazil Holdings II, LLCDelaware100.0 %
Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions Inc. Ohio100.0 %
Groeneveld USA, Inc. Ohio100.0 %
Lovejoy, LLCIllinois100.0 %
Lovejoy Curtis LLCIllinois100.0 %
MPB CorporationDelaware100.0 %
PT Tech, LLCOhio100.0 %
Rail Bearing Service LLCVirginia100.0 %
Rollon CorporationNew Jersey100.0 %
S.E. Setco Service Company, LLCGeorgia50.0 %
The Timken CorporationOhio100.0 %
Timken Aerospace Drive Systems, LLCDelaware100.0 %
Timken Aurora Bearing CompanyIllinois100.0 %
Timken Drives LLCDelaware100.0 %
Timken Gears & Services Inc.Ohio100.0 %
Timken Holdings LLCDelaware100.0 %
Timken Industrial Services, LLCDelaware100.0 %
Timken Mex I LLCDelaware100.0 %
Timken Mex II LLCDelaware100.0 %
Timken Motor & Crane Services LLCDelaware100.0 %
Timken Newco I, LLCDelaware100.0 %
Timken Newco Corp.Delaware100.0 %
Timken Receivables CorporationDelaware100.0 %
Timken Service and Sales, LLCOhio100.0 %
Timken SMO LLCDelaware100.0 %
Timken U.S. Holdings LLCDelaware100.0 %
Timken US LLCDelaware100.0 %
Torsion Control Products, Inc.Michigan100.0 %

Apiary Investments Holdings LimitedUnited Kingdom100.0 %
Australian Timken Proprietary LimitedAustralia100.0 %
BEKA - Betelligungs GmbHGermany100.0 %
Beka-Lube GmbHAustria100.0 %
Beka-Lube N.V.Belgium100.0 %
Beka-Nederland B.V.Netherlands100.0 %
Bekalube France S.A.S. France100.0 %
Bekalube S.R.L.Italy100.0 %
BEKAWORLD Singapore Pte. Ltd. Singapore100.0 %
BEKA Japan Co., Ltd. Japan100.0 %
BEKA Lubrication Systems (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.China100.0 %
British Timken LimitedUnited Kingdom100.0 %
Cone Drive Operations Ltd.United Kingdom100.0 %
Diamond Chain Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.China100.0 %
Diamond (Weifang) Power Transmission Co. Ltd.China70.0 %
Diamond Chain (UK) LimitedUnited Kingdom100.0 %
Gintec Active Safety Ltd.Israel100.0 %
Greencat GmbHGermany100.0 %
Greencat Sp. Z.o.o.Poland100.0 %
Groeneveld-BEKA GmbHGermany100.0 %
Groeneveld Belgium N.V.Belgium100.0 %
Groeneveld Solucoes Em Lubrificacao Ltd.Brazil100.0 %
Groeneveld Groep B.V.Netherlands100.0 %
Groeneveld Groep Nederland B.V.Netherlands100.0 %
Groeneveld ICT Solutions Ltd.United Kingdom100.0 %
Groeneveld Immobiliare S.r.l.Italy100.0 %
Groeneveld India Private LimitedIndia51.0 %
Groeneveld Italia S.r.l.Italy100.0 %
Groeneveld Latin America LtdaBrazil100.0 %
Groeneveld-BEKA Canada Inc.Canada100.0 %
Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions LimitedNew Zealand100.0 %
Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions Ltd.United Kingdom100.0 %
Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions Pty Ltd.Australia100.0 %
Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions SarlFrance100.0 %
Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions S.r.l.Italy100.0 %
Groeneveld Polska Sp Z.o.o.Poland100.0 %
Groeneveld Pte. Ltd.Singapore100.0 %
Groeneveld South Africa Pty LtdSouth Africa100.0 %
Groeneveld s.r.oCzech Republic100.0 %
Groeneveld Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.China100.0 %
Groeneveld Transport Efficiency B.V.Netherlands100.0 %
Groeneveld Transport Efficiency Iberica S.A.Spain100.0 %
Groeneveld Transport Efficiency International Holding B.V.Netherlands100.0 %
Groeneveld UK LimitedUnited Kingdom100.0 %
Interlube UK LimitedUnited Kingdom100.0 %
Jiangsu TWB Bearings Co., Ltd.China100.0 %
Jiangyin Huafang New Energy Hi-Tech Equipment Co., Ltd.China100.0 %

MAW-Maschinenfabrik Wannberg GmbHGermany100.0 %
PT Tech Europe, Ltd.Northern Ireland100.0 %
R+L Hydraulics, GmbHGermany100.0 %
Rollon GmbHGermany100.0 %
Rollon India Pvt. Ltd.India100.0 %
Rollon Japan KKJapan100.0 %
Rollon S.a.r.l.France100.0 %
Rollon (Shanghai) Commerce and Trading Co., Ltd.China100.0 %
Rollon S.p.A.Italy100.0 %
Rollon (Suzhou) Manufacturing Co., Ltd.China100.0 %
Rollon Ltd. UK LimitedUnited Kingdom100.0 %
Timken (Bermuda) L.P.Bermuda100.0 %
Timken (Canada) Holdings II ULCCanada100.0 %
Timken (Canada) Holdings III ULCCanada100.0 %
Timken (Chengdu) Aerospace and Precision Products Co., Ltd.China100.0 %
Timken (China) Investment Co., Ltd.China100.0 %
Timken (Gibraltar) 2 LimitedGibraltar100.0 %
Timken (Gibraltar) LimitedGibraltar100.0 %
Timken (Hong Kong) Holding LimitedHong Kong100.0 %
Timken (Hunan) Bearing Co., Ltd.China100.0 %
Timken Mex Holdings SARLLuxembourg100.0 %
Timken (Shanghai) Distribution and Sales Co., Ltd.China100.0 %
Timken (Wuxi) Bearings Co., Ltd.China100.0 %
Timken Argentina Sociedad De Responsabilidad LimitadaArgentina100.0 %
Timken Australia Holdings ULCCanada100.0 %
Timken Bermuda Treasury LtdBermuda100.0 %
Timken Canada GP ULCCanada100.0 %
Timken Canada LPCanada100.0 %
Timken Chile S.p.A.Chile100.0 %
Timken Colombia SASColumbia100.0 %
Timken De Mexico, S.A. De C.V.Mexico100.0 %
Timken Do Brasil Comercial Importadora LTDA.Brazil100.0 %
Timken Egypt LLCEgypt100.0 %
Timken Engineering and Research - India Private LimitedIndia100.0 %
Timken Espana, S.L.Spain100.0 %
Timken Europe B.V.Netherlands100.0 %
Timken Global Treasury SARLLuxembourg100.0 %
Timken GmbHGermany100.0 %
Timken India LimitedIndia67.8 %
Timken Italia S.r.l.Italy100.0 %
Timken Italy Holding S.r.l.Italy100.0 %
Timken Korea Limited Liability CorporationSouth Korea100.0 %
Timken Lux Holdings II S.A R.L.Luxembourg100.0 %
Timken Luxembourg Holdings SARLLuxembourg100.0 %
Timken Mexico Holdings Pte. Ltd.Singapore100.0 %
Timken Mexico Rodamientios S. de R.L. de C.V.Mexico100.0 %
Timken Middle East FZEDubai100.0 %
Timken Netherlands B.V.Netherlands100.0 %
Timken Netherlands Holdings B.V.Netherlands100.0 %

Timken Polska SP z.o.o.Poland100.0 %
Timken PWP SRLRomania100.0 %
Timken Representative Office Nigeria LimitedNigeria100.0 %
Timken Romania SARomania98.9 %
Timken Rulman ve Guc Aktarma Sistemleri Ticaret Limited SirketiTurkey100.0 %
Timken-Rus Service Company, oooRussia100.0 %
Timken Singapore PTE Ltd.Singapore100.0 %
Timken South Africa Holdings Pty Ltd.South Africa100.0 %
Timken South Africa (PTY) LimitedSouth Africa100.0 %
Timken UK LimitedUnited Kingdom100.0 %
Timken UWC LLCRussia51.0 %
TUBC LimitedCyprus51.0 %
TTC Asia LimitedCayman Islands100.0 %
Yantai Timken Co., Ltd.China100.0 %
The Company also has a number of inactive subsidiaries that were incorporated for name-holding purposes.