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OMB Number: 3235-0006
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hours per response: 23.8

Report for the Calendar Year or Quarter Ended: 06-30-2018
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Institutional Investment Manager Filing this Report:
Name: Jefferies Financial Group Inc.
NEW YORK, NY  10022
Form 13F File Number: 028-11122

The institutional investment manager filing this report and the person by whom it is signed hereby represent that the person signing the report is authorized to submit it, that all information contained herein is true, correct and complete, and that it is understood that all required items, statements, schedules, lists, and tables, are considered integral parts of this form.

Person Signing this Report on Behalf of Reporting Manager:
Name: John M. Dalton
Title: Vice President and Controller
Phone: 212-460-1900
Signature, Place, and Date of Signing:
/s/ John M. Dalton New YorkNY 08-13-2018
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Folger Hill Asset Management LP ("Folger Hill") is an affiliate of Jefferies Financial Group Inc. ("Jefferies Financial Group") and there are information barriers and procedures in place to ensure that investment discretion by Folger Hill is exercised independently from Jefferies Financial Group. As such, Folger Hill reports the Section 13(f) positions over which it exercises investment discretion on a separate Form 13F.
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   13F HOLDINGS REPORT. (Check here if all holdings of this reporting manager are reported in this report.)
   13F NOTICE. (Check here if no holdings reported are in this report, and all holdings are reported by other reporting manager(s).)
X 13F COMBINATION REPORT. (Check here if a portion of the holdings for this reporting manager are reported in this report and a portion are reported by other reporting manager(s).)
List of Other Managers Reporting for this Manager:
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Form 13F File Number Name
  Folger Hill Asset Management LP
  Jefferies Group LLC
Form 13F Summary Page
Report Summary:
Number of Other Included Managers: 2
Form 13F Information Table Entry Total: 74
Form 13F Information Table Value Total: 1,299,754
List of Other Included Managers:
Provide a numbered list of the name(s) and Form 13F file number(s) of all institutional investment managers with respect to which this report is filed, other than the manager filing this report.
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No. Form 13F File Number Name
1   Leucadia Investment Management Limited
2   Leucadia Asset Management LLC