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Exhibit 21

NameJurisdiction of Incorporation
Alternative Re Holdings LimitedBermuda
Alternative Re LimitedBermuda
Alwyn Insurance Company LimitedGibraltar
Arch Capital Finance (Ireland) LimitedIreland
Arch Capital Finance LLCDelaware
Arch Capital Group (U.S.) Inc.Delaware
Arch Capital Holdings Ltd.Bermuda
Arch Capital Services LLCDelaware
Arch Credit Risk Services (Bermuda) Ltd.Bermuda
Arch Europe Insurance Services LtdUnited Kingdom
Arch Financial Holdings Australia Pty LtdAustralia
Arch Financial Holdings B.V.Netherlands
Arch Financial Holdings Europe I LimitedIreland
Arch Financial Holdings Europe II LimitedIreland
Arch Financial Holdings Europe III LimitedIreland
Arch Financial Holdings Europe IV LimitedIreland
Arch Global Services (Cyprus) Ltd.Cyprus
Arch Investments II LLCDelaware
Arch Global Services Holdings Ltd.Bermuda
Arch Global Services (Philippines) Inc. Philippines
Arch Indemnity Insurance CompanyMissouri
Arch Insurance (EU) Designated Activity CompanyIreland
Arch Insurance (UK) LimitedUnited Kingdom
Arch Insurance Canada Ltd.Canada
Arch Insurance CompanyMissouri
Arch Insurance Group Inc.Delaware

Arch Insurance Solutions Inc.Delaware
Arch Intermediaries Group Limited United Kingdom
Arch Investment Holdings I Ltd.Bermuda
Arch Investment Holdings II Ltd.Bermuda
Arch Investment Holdings III Ltd.Bermuda
Arch Investment Holdings IV Ltd.Bermuda
Arch Investment Management Ltd.Bermuda
Arch Investment Holdings (Cyprus) LtdCyprus
Arch Investment Property Holdings Ltd.Bermuda
Arch Life Insurance Company of America Kansas
Arch LMI Pty LtdAustralia
Arch Managing Agency LimitedUnited Kingdom
Arch MI Asia LimitedHong Kong
Arch Mortgage Assurance CompanyWisconsin
Arch Mortgage Funding, Inc.Delaware
Arch Mortgage Guaranty CompanyWisconsin
Arch Mortgage Insurance CompanyWisconsin
Arch Mortgage Risk Transfer Holdings Inc.           Delaware
Arch Mortgage Risk Transfer PCC Inc.                    District of Columbia
Arch Property Casualty Insurance CompanyMissouri
Arch Re Underwriting ApSDenmark
Arch Re Facultative Underwriters Inc.Delaware
Arch Reinsurance CompanyDelaware
Arch Reinsurance Europe Underwriting Designated Activity CompanyIreland
Arch Reinsurance Ltd.Bermuda
Arch Specialty Insurance Agency Inc.Missouri
Arch Specialty Insurance CompanyMissouri
Arch Syndicate Investments LtdUnited Kingdom

Arch Underwriters Ltd.Bermuda
Arch Underwriters Europe LimitedIreland
Arch Underwriters (Gulf) LimitedDubai International Financial Centre
Arch Underwriting Agency (Australia) Pty. Ltd.Australia
Arch Underwriting Agency LLCDelaware
Arch Underwriting at Lloyd’s LtdUnited Kingdom
Arch Underwriting at Lloyd’s (Australia) Pty LtdAustralia
Arch Underwriters Inc.                                                 Delaware
Arch U.S. MI Holdings Inc.Delaware
Arch U.S. MI Services Inc.Delaware
Axiom Underwriting Agency LimitedUnited Kingdom
Barbican Capital Holdings LimitedUnited Kingdom
Barbican E&S Insurance Managers Inc.Delaware
Barbican Group Holdings LimitedGuernsey
Barbican Holdings (UK) LimitedUnited Kingdom
Barbican Holdings (US) IncDelaware
Barbican Intermediaries Group LimitedUnited Kingdom
Barbican Management Services (Bermuda) LimitedBermuda
Barbican Management Services (US) Inc.Delaware
Barbican Managing Agency LimitedUnited Kingdom
Barbican Reinsurance Company LimitedGuernsey
Barbican Specialty Reinsurance Company LimitedGuernsey
Barbican Underwriting LimitedUnited Kingdom
Clare Management Company LimitedGuernsey
Construction Risk Underwriters LLCMinnesota
First American Service CorporationMissouri
First Shield Consumer Service CorporationMissouri
First Shield Consumer Service Corporation of FloridaMissouri

First Shield Service CorporationMissouri
First Shield Service Corporation of FloridaMissouri
Greysbridge Holdings Ltd.Bermuda
Greysbridge Ltd.Bermuda
Gulf Re Holdings Limited                                              Jersey (Channel Islands)
Gulf Reinsurance Limited                                           Dubai International Financial Centre
Idlemear Holdings LimitedUnited Kingdom
McNeil & Company, Inc.New York
Obelisk Underwriting LimitedUnited Kingdom
Out of Towne, LLCVirginia
Penflex Actuarial Services LLCNew York
Salt Insurance Services LimitedUnited Kingdom
Seacurus LimitedUnited Kingdom
Thomas Underwriting Agency LtdUnited Kingdom
United Guaranty Residential Insurance CompanyNorth Carolina
United Guaranty Residential Insurance Company of North CarolinaNorth Carolina
United Guaranty Services, Inc.North Carolina
Ventus Risk Management, Inc.Delaware