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Credit Agreement Amendment Feb 2016




1006 – 2540 Daniel-Johnson Blvd.

Laval, Québec

H7T 2S3


Amendment to the Credit Agreement

dated July 10, 2017 (including all previous amendments thereto), the “Agreement”

between Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (“CIBC”) and Les Systèmes d’Écran Strong/MDI Inc. / Strong/MDI Screen Systems Inc. (the “Borrower”)


Amendments. The Agreement is amended as follows:

New facility


Business Credit Card Facility


Credit Limit: CAD$ 50,000.
Purpose: Purchase and payment of goods and services.
Repayment: On demand in accordance with the CIBC Business Credit Card Agreement
   (Business Liability)
Documentation: CIBC Business Credit Card Agreement (Business Liability).


Other Provisions


Schedule B: The attached Schedule B, which contains certain additional provisions applicable to the Business Credit Card Facility and certain definitions, forms part of this Letter.


Confirmation: As revised by this Amendment, the Agreement remains in full force.
Dated as of: November 14, 2017


For CIBC:   For the Borrower:   For the Borrower:
By: /s/ Denis Lemire   By: /s/ François Barrette   By: /s/ Suzanne Thouin
Name: Denis Lemire   Name: François Barrette   Name: Suzanne Thouin
Title: Manager, Commercial Banking   Title: General Manager   Title: Executive Director


For Ballantyne Strong Inc.   For Ballantyne Strong Inc.
By: /s/ D. Kyle Cerminara   By: /s/ Lance V. Schulz
Name: D. Kyle Cerminara   Name: Lance V. Schulz
Title: Chairman & Chief Executive Officer   Title: Senior Vice-President, Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer