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Exhibit 22.1
List of Guarantor Subsidiaries

The following subsidiaries of Service Properties Trust, a Maryland real estate investment trust (the “Trust”), jointly and severally and fully and unconditionally, guaranteed the Trust’s 7.50% Senior Notes due 2025 and the Trust’s 5.50% Senior Notes due 2027:

Exact Name of Guarantor SubsidiaryJurisdiction
Cambridge TRS, Inc.Maryland
Harbor Court Associates, LLCMaryland
Highway Ventures Borrower LLCDelaware
Highway Ventures LLCDelaware
HPT Clift TRS LLCMaryland
HPT CW MA Realty LLCMaryland
HPT CW MA Realty TrustMassachusetts
HPT CY TRS, Inc.Maryland
HPT Geary ABC Holdings LLCMaryland
HPT Geary Properties TrustMaryland
HPT IHG Chicago Property LLCMaryland
HPT IHG GA Properties LLCMaryland
HPT IHG-2 Properties TrustMaryland
HPT IHG-3 Properties LLCMaryland
HPT SN Holding, Inc.New York
HPT State Street TRS LLCMaryland
HPT Suite Properties TrustMaryland
HPT TA Properties TrustMaryland
HPT TRS IHG-2, Inc.Maryland
HPT TRS Inc.Maryland
HPT TRS MRP, Inc.Maryland
HPT TRS SPES II, Inc.Maryland
HPT TRS WYN, Inc.Maryland
HPT Wacker Drive TRS LLCMaryland
HPTCY Properties TrustMaryland
HPTMI Hawaii, Inc.Delaware
HPTMI Properties TrustMaryland
SVC Gatehall Drive TRS LLCMaryland
SVC Holdings LLCMaryland
SVC Jersey City TRS LLCMaryland
SVC Minneapolis TRS LLCMaryland
SVC Morris Plains TRS LLCMaryland
SVC Nanuet TRS LLCMaryland
SVC Randolph Street TRS LLCMaryland
SVC Redondo Beach TRS LLCMaryland
SVCN 1 LLCDelaware
SVCN 2 LLCDelaware
SVCN 3 LLCDelaware
SVCN 4 LLCDelaware
SVCN 5 LLCDelaware