EX-21.1 4 ex21_1.htm EXHIBIT 21.1 SUBSIDIARIES OF THE REGISTRANT ex21_1.htm


The registrant is the parent company of Dollar Tree Stores, Inc., a retail company, Dollar Tree Distribution, Inc., a distribution and warehousing company and Greenbrier International, Inc, a sourcing company.  Dollar Tree Management, Inc., a management services company is a subsidiary of Dollar Tree Stores, Inc.  Dollar Tree Stores, Inc., Dollar Tree Distribution, Inc. and Dollar Tree Management, Inc. are Virginia companies.  Greenbrier International, Inc. is a Delaware company.  The registrant also indirectly holds an interest in Dollar Tree Stores Canada, Inc., a British Columbia company.  Certain other subsidiaries are not included because, when considered in the aggregate as a single subsidiary, they do not constitute a significant subsidiary as of January 28, 2012.