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Exhibit 21









Action Computer Supplies Limited (Dormant)    United Kingdom
Action Ltd. (Dormant)    United Kingdom
Calence, LLC    Delaware
Calence Physical Security Solutions, LLC    Arizona
Computers by Post Limited (Dormant)    United Kingdom
Docufile Limited (Dormant)    United Kingdom
DSI Data Systems International Limited (Dormant)    United Kingdom
Eldorado Investments LLC (Dormant)    Delaware
Ensynch s.r.o.    Czech Republic
Frasier Associates plc (Dormant)    United Kingdom
Inmac GmbH    Germany
Insight Australia Holdings Pty Ltd    Australia
Insight Canada Holdings, Inc.    Arizona
Insight Canada Inc.    Ontario
Insight Consulting Services, LLC    Arizona
Insight Data Technologies Ltd (Dormant)    Ireland
Insight Deutschland GmbH & Ko KG (Dormant)    Germany
Insight Development Corp Limited (Dormant)    United Kingdom
Insight Direct (GB) Limited    United Kingdom
Insight Direct (UK) Limited    United Kingdom
Insight Direct Canada, Inc.    Canada
Insight Direct Services Limited (Dormant)    United Kingdom
Insight Direct USA, Inc.    Illinois
Insight Direct Worldwide, Inc.    Arizona
Insight Enterprises Australia Pty Limited    Australia
Insight Enterprises BV    Netherlands
Insight Enterprises CV    Netherlands
Insight Enterprises UK, Ltd.    United Kingdom
Insight Enterprises Holdings BV    Netherlands
Insight Enterprises Hong Kong    Hong Kong
Insight Enterprises Netherlands BV    Netherlands
Insight Enterprises (NZ) Limited    New Zealand
Insight Enterprises (Shanghai) Co. Ltd    China
Insight Holding (Deutschland) GmbH (Dormant)    Germany
Insight Marketing GmbH (Dormant)    Germany
Insight Networking Solutions (UK) Ltd    United Kingdom
Insight North America, Inc.    Arizona
Insight Public Sector, Inc.    Illinois
Insight Receivables Holding, LLC    Illinois
Insight Receivables, LLC    Illinois
Insight Stadium Services, LLC (Dormant)    Arizona
Insight Technology Solutions AB    Sweden
Insight Technology Solutions AG    Switzerland
Insight Technology Solutions ApS    Denmark
Insight Technology Solutions BVBA (Dormant)    Belgium
Insight Technology Solutions GmbH    Austria
Insight Technology Solutions GmbH    Germany

Insight Technology Solutions, Inc.    Delaware
Insight Technology Solutions LLC    Russia
Insight Technology Solutions NUF    Norway
Insight Technology Solutions Oy    Finland
Insight Technology Solutions Pte Ltd    Singapore
Insight Technology Solutions SAS    France
Insight Technology Solutions S.L.    Spain
Insight Technology Solutions SRL    Italy
Insight UK Acquisitions Limited (Dormant)    United Kingdom
MicroWarehouse BV    Netherlands
Minx Limited (Dormant)    United Kingdom
PC Wholesale Ltd (Dormant)    United Kingdom
Pulse Building Limited (Dormant)    United Kingdom
Software Spectrum Services BV (Dormant)    Netherlands
Software Spectrum Limited (Dormant)    United Kingdom
SSI Britain Limited (Dormant)    United Kingdom
SSI Holdings Limited (Dormant)    United Kingdom
3683371 Canada, Inc.    Canada