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As Elisa mentioned in her blog, I’m looking forward to speaking with everyone in the All Company meeting Tuesday. Before that though, I first wanted to quickly introduce myself and share some of my initial impressions.

I had the opportunity to meet many Jivers, customers and partners at JiveWorld, and came away impressed by the passion, energy and excitement both inside and outside the company. Getting to meet folks 1:1 in a setting like JiveWorld was critical as my team and I begin working with Jive leadership and Jivers across departments to develop plans for the future.

While I obviously don’t have answers to many of your questions right at the moment (and to be honest, we are restricted in other ways on what we can share until the deal closes), I wanted to address a couple of concerns from Jive employees.

It’s come to my attention that there is a concern that we will rollout a product called WorkSmart. WorkSmart is a team and personal productivity management tool developed by one of our sister companies called Crossover. Crossover sells WorkSmart to large enterprises that need to manage large, distributed global workforces. WorkSmart does have some features like keystroke activity logging and webcam shots that were demanded by some of Crossover’s larger customers with security and identity management requirements. These are typically regulated entities such as defense contractors and banks that are legally required to ensure the person doing the work is who they say they are.

Aurea today uses only the personal and team productivity features of WorkSmart. The only decision we have made with respect to what team productivity tools and collaboration solutions we will use in the combined Aurea/Jive environment is that Aurea will indeed roll out Jive – in fact, we’ve already started doing so.

Secondly, while we are early in the process of exploring the various Jive sites and what will make the most sense going forward, I wanted to squash any rumor related to Jive’s larger offices, including Portland, Tel Aviv, Reading and Bay Area. As we’ve said in the FAQ, in any place where there are large concentrations of people, we expect to retain physical space.

Obviously there are several more questions you have and we will work to answer them in the coming weeks and months. The Aurea leadership team and I are going to be very thoughtful about the integration and how we approach each decision. We are eager to learn about the business, dig into the product innovation shown on the JiveWorld mainstage and engage with the teams that are making it happen at Jive.

I know JiveWorld just touched the surface, but I did want to share an observation that struck me during the event: the first thing that I noticed was the passion.

I’ve been to lots of user conferences, but I sensed a profound difference in the purpose Jive users have in what they are trying to accomplish for their companies. And this is understandable – after all, Jivers and customers alike are fundamentally unlocking the potential of companies to do amazing things.

I found that passion both inspiring and contagious.

More to be shared next week in the All Company meeting. Until then, have a great weekend.



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