EX-21 2 sjm43022-10kex21.htm EX-21 Document

Exhibit 21
(As of April 30, 2022)1
SubsidiariesState or Jurisdiction of Incorporation or Organization
Ainsworth Pet Nutrition, LLCDelaware
Ainsworth Pet Nutrition Holdings, LLCDelaware
Ainsworth Pet Nutrition Parent, LLCDelaware
Big Heart Pet Brands, Inc.Delaware
Big Heart Pet, Inc.Delaware
CAFÉ Holding, LLCOhio
CP APN, Inc.Delaware
DPC Pet Specialties LLCPennsylvania
Folgers Café Servicos de Pesquisas, Ltda.Brazil
J.M. Smucker Holdings, LLCOhio
J.M. Smucker LLCOhio
JMS Foodservice, LLCDelaware
Meow Mix Decatur Production I LLCDelaware
Milo’s Kitchen, LLCDelaware
Nature’s Recipe, LLCDelaware
NU Pet CompanyDelaware
Rowland Coffee Roasters, Inc.Ohio
Sahale Snacks, Inc.Delaware
Simply Smucker’s, Inc.Ohio
Smucker Coffee Silo Operations, LLCLouisiana
Smucker Direct, Inc.Ohio
Smucker Foods of Canada Corp.Canada
Smucker Foods, Inc.Delaware
Smucker Foodservice, Inc.Delaware
Smucker Foodservice Operations, Inc.Delaware
Smucker Fruit Processing Co.Ohio
Smucker Holdings, Inc.Ohio
Smucker International Holding CompanyOhio
Smucker International, Inc.Ohio
Smucker Manufacturing, Inc.Ohio
Smucker Mexico, LLCOhio
Smucker Retail Foods, Inc.Ohio
Smucker Sales and Distribution Company, LLCOhio
Smucker Services Company, LLCOhio
The Dickinson Family, Inc.Ohio
The Folger Coffee CompanyOhio
The Folgers Coffee CompanyDelaware
TTT APN, LLCDelaware

1 Pursuant to Item 601(b)(21)(ii) of Regulation S-K, the names of certain subsidiaries of the Company have been omitted because such
unnamed subsidiaries, considered in the aggregate as a single subsidiary, would not constitute a significant subsidiary as of April 30, 2022.