EX-8.1 3 tv518701_ex8-1.htm EXHIBIT 8.1


Exhibit 8.1


Significant Subsidiaries of Sociedad Química y Minera de Chile S.A.


Name of Subsidiary   Country of Incorporation
SQM Industrial S.A.   Chile
SQM Nitratos S.A.   Chile
SQM Salar S.A.   Chile
Minera Nueva Victoria S.A.   Chile
Servicios Integrales de Transito y Transferencia S.A.   Chile
Soquimich Comercial S.A.   Chile
SQM Potasios. S.A.   Chile
SQM North America Corp.   USA
SQM Europe N.V.   Belgium


For a complete list of foreign and domestic subsidiaries see Note 2.5 to our Consolidated Financial Statements.