EX-21.1 3 c12701exv21w1.htm EXHIBIT 21.1 Exhibit 21.1
    State of        
    Incorporation/     Name Under Which
Names of Significant Subsidiaries   Organization     Business is Done
1. Camden Operating, L.P.
  Delaware   Camden Operating, L.P.
2. Camden USA, Inc.
  Delaware   Camden USA, Inc.
3. Camden Development, Inc.
  Delaware   Camden Development, Inc.
4. Camden Realty, Inc.
  Delaware   Camden Realty, Inc.
5. Camden Summit, Inc.
  Delaware   Camden Summit, Inc.
6. Camden Summit Partnership, L.P.
  Delaware   Camden Summit Partnership, L.P.
7. CPT Community Owner, LLC
  Delaware   CPT Community Owner, LLC
8. 2009 CPT Community Owner, LLC
  Delaware   2009 CPT Community Owner, LLC
9. Camden Builders, Inc.
  Delaware   Camden Builders, Inc.