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Form 497 - Definitive materials:
SEC Accession No. 0000898745-18-000591
Filing Date
2018-07-06 11:26:42
Effectiveness Date

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Seq Description Document Type Size
1 497 xbrl1031prospsupp061518.htm 497 7686
  Complete submission text file 0000898745-18-000591.txt   1229006

Data Files

Seq Description Document Type Size
2 XBRL INSTANCE DOCUMENT ck0000898745-20180615.xml EX-101.INS 92685
3 XBRL TAXONOMY EXTENSION SCHEMA DOCUMENT ck0000898745-20180615.xsd EX-101.SCH 15180
6 XBRL TAXONOMY EXTENSION LABEL LINKBASE DOCUMENT ck0000898745-20180615_lab.xml EX-101.LAB 263910

Series and Classes/Contracts Information:

  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000006952   Core Plus Bond Fund fka Bond & Mortgage Securities Fund
Class/Contract C000018956   R-1 PBOMX
Class/Contract C000018957   R-2 PBMNX
Class/Contract C000018958   R-3 PBMMX
Class/Contract C000018959   R-5 PBMPX
Class/Contract C000018960   R-4 PBMSX
Class/Contract C000018961   Institutional Class PMSIX
Class/Contract C000018962   J Class PBMJX
Class/Contract C000018963   A Class PRBDX
Class/Contract C000038772   Class C PBMCX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000006992   Diversified International Fund
Class/Contract C000019052   R-1 PDVIX
Class/Contract C000019053   R-2 PINNX
Class/Contract C000019054   R-3 PINRX
Class/Contract C000019055   R-5 PINPX
Class/Contract C000019056   R-4 PINLX
Class/Contract C000019057   Institutional Class PIIIX
Class/Contract C000019058   Class J PIIJX
Class/Contract C000019059   Class A PRWLX
Class/Contract C000038774   Class C PDNCX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000006996   High Yield Fund I
Class/Contract C000019079   Institutional Class PYHIX
Class/Contract C000123728   Class A PYHAX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000006997   Inflation Protection Fund
Class/Contract C000019080   R-2 PBSAX
Class/Contract C000019081   R-3 PIFPX
Class/Contract C000019082   R-5 PBPPX
Class/Contract C000019083   R-4 PIFSX
Class/Contract C000019084   R-1 PISPX
Class/Contract C000019085   Class J PIPJX
Class/Contract C000019086   Institutional Class PIPIX
Class/Contract C000019087   Class A PITAX
Class/Contract C000038776   Class C PPOCX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000007013   International Emerging Markets Fund
Class/Contract C000019139   R-2 PEASX
Class/Contract C000019140   R-3 PEAPX
Class/Contract C000019141   R-4 PESSX
Class/Contract C000019142   R-5 PEPSX
Class/Contract C000019143   R-1 PIXEX
Class/Contract C000019144   Institutional Class PIEIX
Class/Contract C000019145   Class J PIEJX
Class/Contract C000019146   Class A PRIAX
Class/Contract C000038777   Class C PMKCX
Class/Contract C000175481   R-6 PIIMX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000007015   LargeCap Growth Fund
Class/Contract C000019157   R-2 PCPPX
Class/Contract C000019158   R-3 PLGPX
Class/Contract C000019159   R-5 PDPPX
Class/Contract C000019160   R-4 PEPPX
Class/Contract C000019161   R-1 PLSGX
Class/Contract C000019163   Institutional Class PGLIX
Class/Contract C000019164   Class J PGLJX
Class/Contract C000019165   Class A PRGWX
Class/Contract C000038778   Class C PLGCX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000007016   LargeCap S&P 500 Index Fund
Class/Contract C000019167   R-1 PLPIX
Class/Contract C000019168   R-2 PLFNX
Class/Contract C000019169   R-3 PLFMX
Class/Contract C000019170   R-5 PLFPX
Class/Contract C000019171   R-4 PLFSX
Class/Contract C000019172   Institutional Class PLFIX
Class/Contract C000019173   Class J PSPJX
Class/Contract C000019174   Class A PLSAX
Class/Contract C000038779   Class C PLICX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000007017   LargeCap Value Fund
Class/Contract C000019176   R-1 PLSVX
Class/Contract C000019178   R-2 PLVNX
Class/Contract C000019179   R-3 PLVMX
Class/Contract C000019180   R-5 PLVPX
Class/Contract C000019181   R-4 PLVSX
Class/Contract C000019182   Institutional Class PVLIX
Class/Contract C000019183   Class J PVLJX
Class/Contract C000019184   Class A PCACX
Class/Contract C000038780   Class C PLUCX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000007075   MidCap Fund (f/k/a MidCap Blend Fund)
Class/Contract C000019310   R-1 PMSBX
Class/Contract C000019311   R-2 PMBNX
Class/Contract C000019312   R-3 PMBMX
Class/Contract C000019313   R-5 PMBPX
Class/Contract C000019314   R-4 PMBSX
Class/Contract C000019315   Institutional Class PCBIX
Class/Contract C000019316   Class J PMBJX
Class/Contract C000019317   Class A PEMGX
Class/Contract C000038781   Class C PMBCX
Class/Contract C000175482   R-6 PMAQX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000007077   LargeCap Growth Fund I
Class/Contract C000019326   R-1 PCRSX
Class/Contract C000019327   R-2 PPUNX
Class/Contract C000019328   R-3 PPUMX
Class/Contract C000019329   R-5 PPUPX
Class/Contract C000019330   R-4 PPUSX
Class/Contract C000019331   Institutional Class PLGIX
Class/Contract C000019332   Class J PLGJX
Class/Contract C000019333   Class A PLGAX
Class/Contract C000149257   R-6 PLCGX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000007080   MidCap Value Fund III
Class/Contract C000019349   R-2 PKPPX
Class/Contract C000019350   R-3 PJPPX
Class/Contract C000019351   R-5 PLPPX
Class/Contract C000019352   R-4 PMPPX
Class/Contract C000019353   R-1 PMSVX
Class/Contract C000019354   Institutional Class PVUIX
Class/Contract C000019355   Class J PMCJX
Class/Contract C000142628   Class A PVCAX
Class/Contract C000149258   R-6 PCMIX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000007081   Money Market Fund
Class/Contract C000019361   Institutional Class PVMXX
Class/Contract C000019362   Class J PMJXX
Class/Contract C000019363   Class A PCSXX
Class/Contract C000038783   Class C PPCXX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000007083   International Fund I
Class/Contract C000019371   R-2 PSPPX
Class/Contract C000019372   R-3 PRPPX
Class/Contract C000019373   R-5 PTPPX
Class/Contract C000019374   R-4 PUPPX
Class/Contract C000019375   R-1 PPISX
Class/Contract C000019376   Institutional Class PINIX
Class/Contract C000142630   Class A PFAFX
Class/Contract C000175484   R-6 PIIDX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000007169   SmallCap Value Fund II
Class/Contract C000019584   R-2 PKARX
Class/Contract C000019585   R-3 PJARX
Class/Contract C000019586   R-5 PLARX
Class/Contract C000019587   R-4 PSTWX
Class/Contract C000019588   R-1 PCPTX
Class/Contract C000019589   Institutional Class PPVIX
Class/Contract C000076717   Class J PSMJX
Class/Contract C000142632   Class A PSVAX
Class/Contract C000149259   R-6 PSMVX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000007201   Principal LifeTime 2010 Fund
Class/Contract C000019699   R-1 PVASX
Class/Contract C000019700   R-2 PTANX
Class/Contract C000019701   R-3 PTAMX
Class/Contract C000019702   R-5 PTAPX
Class/Contract C000019703   R-4 PTASX
Class/Contract C000019704   Institutional Class PTTIX
Class/Contract C000019705   Class J PTAJX
Class/Contract C000019706   Class A PENAX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000007207   Principal LifeTime 2020 Fund
Class/Contract C000019740   R-1 PWASX
Class/Contract C000019741   R-2 PTBNX
Class/Contract C000019742   R-3 PTBMX
Class/Contract C000019743   R-5 PTBPX
Class/Contract C000019744   R-4 PTBSX
Class/Contract C000019745   Institutional Class PLWIX
Class/Contract C000019746   Class J PLFJX
Class/Contract C000019747   Class A PTBAX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000007208   Principal LifeTime 2030 Fund
Class/Contract C000019749   R-1 PXASX
Class/Contract C000019750   R-2 PTCNX
Class/Contract C000019751   R-3 PTCMX
Class/Contract C000019752   R-5 PTCPX
Class/Contract C000019753   R-4 PTCSX
Class/Contract C000019754   Institutional Class PMTIX
Class/Contract C000019755   Class J PLTJX
Class/Contract C000019756   Class A PTCAX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000007209   Principal LifeTime 2040 Fund
Class/Contract C000019758   R-1 PYASX
Class/Contract C000019759   R-2 PTDNX
Class/Contract C000019760   R-3 PTDMX
Class/Contract C000019761   R-5 PTDPX
Class/Contract C000019762   R-4 PTDSX
Class/Contract C000019763   Institutional Class PTDIX
Class/Contract C000019764   Class J PTDJX
Class/Contract C000019765   Class A PTDAX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000007210   Principal LifeTime 2050 Fund
Class/Contract C000019767   R-1 PZASX
Class/Contract C000019769   R-2 PTENX
Class/Contract C000019770   R-3 PTERX
Class/Contract C000019771   R-5 PTEFX
Class/Contract C000019772   R-4 PTESX
Class/Contract C000019773   Institutional Class PPLIX
Class/Contract C000019774   Class J PFLJX
Class/Contract C000019775   Class A PPEAX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000007211   Principal LifeTime Strategic Income Fund
Class/Contract C000019776   R-1 PLAIX
Class/Contract C000019778   R-2 PLSNX
Class/Contract C000019779   R-3 PLSMX
Class/Contract C000019780   R-5 PLSPX
Class/Contract C000019781   R-4 PLSSX
Class/Contract C000019782   Institutional Class PLSIX
Class/Contract C000019783   Class J PLSJX
Class/Contract C000019784   Class A PALTX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000007212   Real Estate Securities Fund
Class/Contract C000019785   R-1 PRAEX
Class/Contract C000019786   R-2 PRENX
Class/Contract C000019787   R-3 PRERX
Class/Contract C000019788   R-5 PREPX
Class/Contract C000019789   R-4 PRETX
Class/Contract C000019790   Institutional Class PIREX
Class/Contract C000019791   Class J PREJX
Class/Contract C000019792   Class A PRRAX
Class/Contract C000038802   Class C PRCEX
Class/Contract C000175486   R-6 PFRSX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000007214   SmallCap Fund fka SmallCap Blend Fund
Class/Contract C000019802   R-1 PSABX
Class/Contract C000019803   R-2 PSBNX
Class/Contract C000019804   R-3 PSBMX
Class/Contract C000019805   R-5 PSBPX
Class/Contract C000019806   R-4 PSBSX
Class/Contract C000019807   Institutional Class PSLIX
Class/Contract C000019808   Class J PSBJX
Class/Contract C000019809   Class A PLLAX
Class/Contract C000038804   Class C PSMCX
Class/Contract C000175487   R-6 PSMLX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000014232   California Municipal Fund
Class/Contract C000038715   Class A SRCMX
Class/Contract C000038717   Class C SRCCX
Class/Contract C000153061   Institutional PCMFX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000014233   Strategic Asset Management Conservative Balanced Portfolio
Class/Contract C000038718   Class A SAIPX
Class/Contract C000038720   Class C SCIPX
Class/Contract C000038721   Institutional Class PCCIX
Class/Contract C000039336   R-2 PCNSX
Class/Contract C000039337   R-3 PCBPX
Class/Contract C000039338   R-1 PCSSX
Class/Contract C000039339   R-4 PCBLX
Class/Contract C000039340   R-5 PCBFX
Class/Contract C000039341   Class J PCBJX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000014234   Strategic Asset Management Conservative Growth Portfolio
Class/Contract C000038722   Class A SAGPX
Class/Contract C000038724   Class C SCGPX
Class/Contract C000038725   Institutional Class PCWIX
Class/Contract C000039342   R-4 PCWSX
Class/Contract C000039343   R-5 PCWPX
Class/Contract C000039344   Class J PCGJX
Class/Contract C000039345   R-2 PCGVX
Class/Contract C000039346   R-3 PCGPX
Class/Contract C000039347   R-1 PCGGX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000014235   Strategic Asset Management Flexible Income Portfolio
Class/Contract C000038726   Class A SAUPX
Class/Contract C000038728   Class C SCUPX
Class/Contract C000038729   Institutional Class PIFIX
Class/Contract C000039348   R-2 PFIVX
Class/Contract C000039349   R-3 PFIPX
Class/Contract C000039350   R-1 PFIGX
Class/Contract C000039351   R-4 PFILX
Class/Contract C000039352   R-5 PFIFX
Class/Contract C000039353   Class J PFIJX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000014236   Strategic Asset Management Strategic Growth Portfolio
Class/Contract C000038730   Class A SACAX
Class/Contract C000038732   Class C SWHCX
Class/Contract C000038733   Institutional Class PSWIX
Class/Contract C000039354   R-2 PSGVX
Class/Contract C000039355   R-3 PSGPX
Class/Contract C000039356   R-1 PSGGX
Class/Contract C000039357   R-4 PSGLX
Class/Contract C000039358   R-5 PSGFX
Class/Contract C000039359   Class J PSWJX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000014237   Tax-Exempt Bond Fund formerly Tax-Exempt Bond Fund I
Class/Contract C000038734   Class A PTEAX
Class/Contract C000038736   Class C PTBCX
Class/Contract C000158782   Institutional Class PITEX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000014238   Principal Capital Appreciation Fund (fka West Coast Equity Fund)
Class/Contract C000038737   Class A CMNWX
Class/Contract C000038739   Class C CMNCX
Class/Contract C000038740   Institutional Class PWCIX
Class/Contract C000085758   R-1 PCAMX
Class/Contract C000085759   R-2 PCANX
Class/Contract C000085760   R-3 PCAOX
Class/Contract C000085761   R-4 PCAPX
Class/Contract C000085762   R-5 PCAQX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000014240   Equity Income Fund formerly Equity Income Fund I
Class/Contract C000038744   Class A PQIAX
Class/Contract C000038746   Class C PEUCX
Class/Contract C000038747   Institutional Class PEIIX
Class/Contract C000085763   R-1 PIEMX
Class/Contract C000085764   R-2 PEINX
Class/Contract C000085765   R-3 PEIOX
Class/Contract C000085766   R-4 PEIPX
Class/Contract C000085767   R-5 PEIQX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000014241   High Yield Fund
Class/Contract C000038748   Class A CPHYX
Class/Contract C000038750   Class C CCHIX
Class/Contract C000038751   Institutional Class PHYTX
Class/Contract C000175488   R-6 PHYFX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000014242   Income Fund
Class/Contract C000038752   Class A CMPIX
Class/Contract C000038754   Class C CNMCX
Class/Contract C000038755   Institutional Class PIOIX
Class/Contract C000080382   Class J PIOJX
Class/Contract C000085768   R-5 PIOQX
Class/Contract C000085769   R-1 PIOMX
Class/Contract C000085770   R-2 PIONX
Class/Contract C000085771   R-3 PIOOX
Class/Contract C000085772   R-4 PIOPX
Class/Contract C000149261   R-6 PICNX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000014244   Government & High Quality Bond Fund f/k/a Mortgage Securities Fund
Class/Contract C000038760   Class A CMPGX
Class/Contract C000038762   Class C CCUGX
Class/Contract C000038763   Institutional Class PMRIX
Class/Contract C000113840   R-1 PMGRX
Class/Contract C000113841   R-2 PFMRX
Class/Contract C000113842   R-3 PRCMX
Class/Contract C000113843   R-4 PMRDX
Class/Contract C000113844   R-5 PMREX
Class/Contract C000113845   Class J PMRJX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000014245   Short-Term Income Fund
Class/Contract C000038764   Class A SRHQX
Class/Contract C000038766   Class C STCCX
Class/Contract C000038767   Institutional Class PSHIX
Class/Contract C000090493   Class J PSJIX
Class/Contract C000090494   R-1 PSIMX
Class/Contract C000090495   R-2 PSINX
Class/Contract C000090496   R-3 PSIOX
Class/Contract C000090497   R-4 PSIPX
Class/Contract C000090498   R-5 PSIQX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000014246   Strategic Asset Management Balanced Portfolio
Class/Contract C000038768   Class A SABPX
Class/Contract C000038770   Class C SCBPX
Class/Contract C000038771   Institutional Class PSBIX
Class/Contract C000039360   R-2 PSBVX
Class/Contract C000039361   R-3 PBAPX
Class/Contract C000039362   R-1 PSBGX
Class/Contract C000039363   R-4 PSBLX
Class/Contract C000039364   R-5 PSBFX
Class/Contract C000039365   Class J PSAJX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000019119   Global Real Estate Securities Fund
Class/Contract C000052887   Class A POSAX
Class/Contract C000052888   Class C POSCX
Class/Contract C000052889   Institutional Class POSIX
Class/Contract C000149262   R-6 PGRSX
Class/Contract C000167005   R-3 PGRKX
Class/Contract C000167006   R-4 PGRVX
Class/Contract C000167007   R-5 PGRUX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000024296   Global Diversified Income Fund
Class/Contract C000071805   Institutional Class PGDIX
Class/Contract C000071807   Class A PGBAX
Class/Contract C000071808   Class C PGDCX
Class/Contract C000190075   R-6 PGBLX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000054330   Finisterre Unconstrained Emerging Markets Bond Fund
Class/Contract C000170734   Class A PFUEX
Class/Contract C000170736   Institutional Class PFUMX
Business Address 711 HIGH STREET DES MOINES IA 50392 515-248-4745
PRINCIPAL FUNDS INC (Filer) CIK: 0000898745 (see all company filings)

IRS No.: 000000000 | State of Incorp.: MD | Fiscal Year End: 1031
Type: 497 | Act: 33 | File No.: 033-59474 | Film No.: 18942003