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Filing Detail
Form 497 - Definitive materials:
SEC Accession No. 0000898745-12-000658
Filing Date
2012-09-26 10:15:44
Effectiveness Date

Document Format Files

Seq Description Document Type Size
1 XBRL FILES FOR PFI ABCP PROSPECTUS SUPP DTD 09/14/12 abcpsupp2-xbrl091412.htm 497 9279
  Complete submission text file 0000898745-12-000658.txt   1382556

Data Files

Seq Description Document Type Size
2 XBRL INSTANCE FILE ck0000898745-20120914.xml EX-101.INS 67226
3 XBRL SCHEMA FILE ck0000898745-20120914.xsd EX-101.SCH 43281
4 XBRL CALCULATION FILE ck0000898745-20120914_cal.xml EX-101.CAL 6387
5 XBRL DEFINITION FILE ck0000898745-20120914_def.xml EX-101.DEF 247419
6 XBRL LABEL FILE ck0000898745-20120914_lab.xml EX-101.LAB 208599
7 XBRL PRESENTATION FILE ck0000898745-20120914_pre.xml EX-101.PRE 268272

Series and Classes/Contracts Information:

  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000007015   LargeCap Growth Fund
Class/Contract C000019162   Class B PRGBX
Class/Contract C000019165   Class A PRGWX
Class/Contract C000038778   Class C PLGCX
Class/Contract C000092697   Class P Shares PGLPX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000007017   LargeCap Value Fund
Class/Contract C000019177   Class B PCCBX
Class/Contract C000019184   Class A PCACX
Class/Contract C000038780   Class C PLUCX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000007075   MidCap Blend Fund
Class/Contract C000019317   Class A PEMGX
Class/Contract C000019318   Class B PRMBX
Class/Contract C000038781   Class C PMBCX
Class/Contract C000092698   Class P Shares PMCPX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000007214   SmallCap Blend Fund
Class/Contract C000019809   Class A PLLAX
Class/Contract C000019810   Class B PLLBX
Class/Contract C000038804   Class C PSMCX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000014240   Equity Income Fund formerly Equity Income Fund I
Class/Contract C000038744   Class A PQIAX
Class/Contract C000038745   Class B PQUBX
Class/Contract C000038746   Class C PEUCX
Class/Contract C000092702   Class P Shares PEQPX
  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000898745      
Series S000024296   Global Div Inc Fund
Class/Contract C000071807   Class A PGBAX
Class/Contract C000071808   Class C PGDCX
Class/Contract C000092706   Class P Shares PGDPX
Business Address 650 8TH STREET DES MOINES IA 50392-2080 515-248-4745
PRINCIPAL FUNDS INC (Filer) CIK: 0000898745 (see all company filings)

IRS No.: 000000000 | State of Incorp.: MD | Fiscal Year End: 1031
Type: 497 | Act: 33 | File No.: 033-59474 | Film No.: 121110293