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Exhibit 21.1

Name of SubsidiaryJurisdiction of Formation
AAA Galvanizing – Chelsea, LLCDelaware
AAA Galvanizing – Dixon, Inc.Delaware
AAA Galvanizing – Hamilton, LLCDelaware
AAA Galvanizing – Joliet, Inc.Delaware
AAA Galvanizing – Peoria, Inc.Delaware
AAA Galvanizing – Winsted, Inc.Delaware
Arbor-Crowley, LLCDelaware
Arizona Galvanizing, Inc.Arizona
ArkGalv, LLCArkansas
Atkinson Industries, Inc.Kansas
Automatic Processing IncorporatedMississippi
Aztec Industries, Inc.Mississippi
Aztec Manufacturing – Waskom LLCTexas
Aztec Manufacturing LLCTexas
AZZ Acquisition Sub, LLCDelaware
AZZ Bus System Services LLCDelaware
AZZ Canada LimitedCanada
AZZ Electrical Holding B.V.Netherlands
AZZ Enclosure Systems – Chattanooga LLCDelaware
AZZ Enclosure Systems LLCDelaware
AZZ Galvanizing – Big Spring, LLCDelaware
AZZ Galvanizing - Bristol LLCDelaware
AZZ Galvanizing – Chattanooga LLCTennessee
AZZ Galvanizing – Kennedale, LLCDelaware
AZZ Galvanizing – Louisiana LLCDelaware
AZZ Galvanizing – Morgan City, LLCDelaware
AZZ Galvanizing – NashvilleDelaware
AZZ Galvanizing – Nebraska, LLCDelaware
AZZ Galvanizing – Reno, LLCDelaware
AZZ Galvanizing – Rockford LLCDelaware
AZZ Galvanizing – San Antonio, LLCDelaware
AZZ Galvanizing – South Carolina LLCDelaware
AZZ Galvanizing and Plating – Milwaukee LLCDelaware
AZZ Galvanizing Calgary Ltd.Canada
AZZ Galvanizing Canada LimitedCanada
AZZ Galvanizing Co. Ltd.Canada
AZZ Galvanizing Edmonton Ltd.Canada
AZZ Galvanizing Saskatchewan Ltd.Canada
AZZ Galvanizing Saskatoon Ltd.Canada

AZZ Group LLCDelaware
AZZ Holding B.V.Netherlands
AZZ Holdings LLCDelaware
AZZ International Holdings LLCDelaware
AZZ Specialty Repair and Overhaul LLCDelaware
AZZ Specialty Welding Services India Private LimitedIndia
AZZ Specialty Welding Services Singapore Ltd.Singapore
AZZ Surface Technologies LLCDelaware
AZZ Surface Technologies – Crowley LLCDelaware
AZZ Surface Technologies – Gainesville LLCDelaware
AZZ Surface Technologies – Garland North LLCDelaware
AZZ Surface Technologies – Garland South LLCDelaware
AZZ Surface Technologies – Rowlett LLCDelaware
AZZ Surface Technologies – Tampa LLCTampa
AZZ Surface Technologies – Terrell LLCDelaware
AZZ Trading LLCDelaware
AZZ Trading (Shanghai) Co., LtdChina
AZZ WSI B.V.Netherlands
AZZ WSI Canada, ULCCanada
AZZ WSI do Brasil Ltda.Brazil
AZZ WSI Holding B.V.Netherlands
AZZ WSI Poland, SP. z.o.o.Poland
Carter and Crawley LLCDelaware
Central Electric CompanyMissouri
Central Electric Manufacturing CompanyMissouri
CGIT (Jiangsu) High Voltage Power Co., LtdChina
CGIT Systems, Inc.Delaware
Electrical Power Systems, LLCMissouri
Gulf Coast Galvanizing, LLCAlabama
International Galvanizers LLCTexas
NAGALV-Ohio, Inc.Delaware
NAGALV-WV, Inc.Delaware
North American Galvanizing & Coatings, Inc.Delaware
North American Galvanizing Company, LLCDelaware
Powergrid Solutions LLCDelaware
Rig-A-Lite LLCTexas
Rogers Galvanizing Company – Kansas CityOklahoma
The Calvert Company, Inc.Mississippi
Witt Galvanizing – Cincinnati, LLCDelaware
Witt Galvanizing – Muncie, LLCDelaware
Witt Galvanizing – Plymouth, LLCDelaware
Zalk Steel & Supply Co.Delaware