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Portfolio Logic completes acquisition of PSA HealthCare

Norcross, GA.— (BUSINESS WIRE) . . . . August 31, 2007 . . . . . . Pediatric Services of America, Inc., d/b/a PSA Healthcare (Nasdaq: PSAI), a Delaware corporation (“PSA” or the “Company”), announced today the successful completion of the acquisition of the Company by a subsidiary of Portfolio Logic LLC. PSA’s stockholders approved the transaction at a special stockholder meeting on August 27, 2007. Following the stockholder vote, the D3 Family Funds, investment partnerships that have collectively been PSA’s largest stockholder for several years, became minority investors in the Portfolio Logic subsidiary. Portfolio Logic, a private investment firm primarily focused on healthcare and business services companies, has been an investor in PSA since 2004 and was one of its largest stockholders prior to the acquisition.

All outstanding shares of PSA’s common stock, par value $.01 per share (other than shares held by Portfolio Logic and its subsidiaries and shares subject to properly exercised dissenters’ rights) have been converted into the right to receive $16.25 in cash per share without interest. Accordingly, PSA’s common stock will no longer trade on the Nasdaq Global Market. Mellon Investor Services LLC has been appointed agent for payment of the merger consideration. Former stockholders of PSA with inquiries regarding the payment process should contact Mellon at 1-800-777-3674.

About PSA

PSA provides comprehensive pediatric home health care services through a network of 59 branch offices in 18 states, including satellite offices and branch office start-ups. Through these offices PSA provides a combination of services, including pediatric private duty nursing (PDN) and pediatric day treatment centers (PPECs). Additional information on PSA may be found on PSA’s website at http://www.psahealthcare.com.

About Portfolio Logic LLC

Portfolio Logic, a Washington, D.C.-based investment firm, primarily focuses on healthcare and business services companies. Jeffrey D. Zients, Managing Partner, previously served as Chairman of both The Corporate Executive Board and The Advisory Board, two successful business-to-business content companies serving these industries.

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