EX-25.1 34 dex251.htm FORM T-1 STATEMENT OF ELIGIBILITY Form T-1 Statement of Eligibility




Washington, D.C. 20549












(Exact name of trustee as specified in its charter)


A National Banking Association    94-1347393

(Jurisdiction of incorporation or

organization if not a U.S. national bank)


(I.R.S. Employer

Identification No.)

101 North Phillips Avenue

Sioux Falls, South Dakota



(Address of principal executive offices)    (Zip code)

Wells Fargo & Company

Law Department, Trust Section

MAC N9305-175

Sixth Street and Marquette Avenue, 17th Floor

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55479

(612) 667-4608

(Name, address and telephone number of agent for service)





(Exact name of obligor as specified in its charter)


Delaware    59-3061413
Delaware    20-8941232

(State or other jurisdiction of

incorporation or organization)


(I.R.S. Employer

Identification No.)

2202 N. West Shore Blvd., 5th Floor, Tampa, Florida 33607

(Address of principal executive offices)



10% Senior Notes due 2015

(Title of the indenture securities)






See Table 1—List of additional obligors


Table 1


Guarantor (1)

of Incorporation
   Federal EIN

A La Carte Event Pavilion, Ltd.

   FL    59-3659025

Carrabba’s Designated Partner, LLC

   DE    20-8475204

Carrabba’s Italian Grill, LLC

   FL    59-3295193

Carrabba’s Italian Market, LLC

   FL    26-0388687

Carrabba’s Kansas Designated Partner, LLC

   DE    20-8719120

Carrabba’s Kansas, Inc.

   KS    03-0460308

Carrabba’s Midwest Designated Partner, LLC

   DE    20-8718725

Carrabba’s Midwest, Inc.

   KS    59-3591788

Carrabba’s of Baton Rouge, LLC

   FL    20-1579298

Carrabba’s of Bowie, LLC

   MD    55-0800809

Carrabba’s Shreveport, LLC

   FL    20-2152029

Carrabba’s/Arizona-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3391044

Carrabba’s/Birchwood, Limited Partnership

   FL    51-0467086

Carrabba’s/Bobby Pasta, Limited Partnership

   FL    20-2035579

Carrabba’s/Broken Arrow, Limited Partnership

   FL    20-3029408

Carrabba’s/Canton, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3668459

Carrabba’s/Carolina-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3460180

Carrabba’s/Central Florida-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3386227

Carrabba’s/Chicago, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3694616

Carrabba’s/Colorado-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3329023

Carrabba’s/Crestview Hills, Limited Partnership

   FL    20-0178000

Carrabba’s/Dallas-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3627865

Carrabba’s/DC-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3391932

Carrabba’s/First Coast, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3400608

Carrabba’s/Georgia-I, Limited Partnership

   GA    59-3295191

Carrabba’s/Great Lakes-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3542931

Carrabba’s/Gulf Coast-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    20-1096125

Carrabba’s/Heartland-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    03-0460287

Carrabba’s/Kansas Two-I, Limited Partnership

   KS    20-1472721

Carrabba’s/Kansas-I, Limited Partnership

   KS    03-0460331

Carrabba’s/Mid Atlantic-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3375677

Carrabba’s/Mid East, Limited Partnership

   FL    20-3029369

Carrabba’s/Midwest-I, Limited Partnership

   KS    59-3604371

Carrabba’s/New England, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3682742

Carrabba’s/Ohio, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3694613

Carrabba’s/Outback, Limited Partnership

   FL    76-0396236

Carrabba’s/Pensacola, Limited Partnership

   FL    90-0076800

Carrabba’s/Second Coast, Limited Partnership

   FL    51-0467092

Carrabba’s/South Florida-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3329152

Carrabba’s/South Texas-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    13-4246830

Carrabba’s/Sun Coast, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3698007

Carrabba’s/Texas, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3309113

Carrabba’s/Tri State-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    20-0178997

Carrabba’s/Tropical Coast, Limited Partnership

   FL    20-1050979

Carrabba’s/Virginia, Limited Partnership

   FL    20-3036416

Carrabba’s/West Florida-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3321512

Carrabba’s/Z Team Two-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    20-1166520

Carrabba’s/Z Team-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    20-0209195

Cheeseburger Designated Partner, LLC

   DE    20-8475937

Cheeseburger in Paradise of Kansas, Inc.

   KS    20-1528140

Cheeseburger in Paradise, LLC

   DE    59-3671653

Cheeseburger Kansas Designated Partner, LLC

   DE    20-8719005

Cheeseburger-Buckeye, Limited Partnership

   FL    20-0174348

Cheeseburger-Downer’s Grove, Limited Partnership

   FL    05-0556946

Cheeseburger-Illinois, Limited Partnership

   FL    20-0269240

Cheeseburger-Kansas, Limited Partnership

   KS    20-1528193

Cheeseburger-Maryland, Limited Partnership

   FL    20-0270250

Cheeseburger-Michigan, Limited Partnership

   FL    20-2327923

Cheeseburger-Nebraska, Limited Partnership

   FL    20-0194502

Cheeseburger-Northern New Jersey, Limited Partnership

   FL    20-0270498

Cheeseburger-Northern Virginia, Limited Partnership

   FL    56-2359756

Cheeseburger-Ohio, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-7216459

Cheeseburger-South Carolina, Limited Partnership

   FL    20-0270482

Cheeseburger-South Eastern Pennsylvania, Limited Partnership

   FL    54-2120144

Cheeseburger-South Florida, Limited Partnership

   FL    20-1014107

Cheeseburger-Southern NY, Limited Partnership

   FL    20-0577766

Cheeseburger-West Nyack, Limited Partnership

   FL    56-2314742

Cheeseburger-Wisconsin, Limited Partnership

   FL    14-1871562

CIGI Beverages of Texas, Inc.

   TX    76-0644450

CIGI Holdings, Inc.

   TX    54-2147428

Frederick Outback, Inc.

   MD    52-1823949

Heartland Outback, Inc.

   KS    59-3392967

Heartland Outback-I, Limited Partnership

   KS    59-3392974

Heartland Outback-II, Limited Partnership

   KS    59-3470135

OBTex Holdings, Inc.

   TX    26-0463212

OS Asset, Inc.

   FL    59-3602393

OS Capital, Inc.

   DE    51-0393481

OS Developers, LLC

   FL    59-3604617

OS Management, Inc.

   FL    59-3602392

OS Mortgage Holdings, Inc.

   DE    20-2863689

OS Realty, LLC

   FL    59-3671409

OS Restaurant Services, Inc.

   DE    59-3549811

OS Speedway, LLC

   FL    59-3630628

OS Tropical, LLC

   FL    59-3668622

OSF/CIGI of Evesham Partnership

   FL    20-5132036

OSI Gift Card Services, LLC

   FL    N/A

OSI International, LLC

   FL    02-0591579

Outback & Carrabba’s of New Mexico, Inc.

   NM    59-3390138

Outback Alabama, Inc.

   AL    20-0742496

Outback Beverages of Texas, Inc.

   TX    75-2446167

Outback Catering Company, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3472937

Outback Catering Company-II, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3543172

Outback Catering Designated Partner, LLC

   DE    20-8719164

Outback Catering of Pittsburgh, Ltd.

   FL    59-3654957

Outback Catering, Inc.

   FL    59-3554516

Outback Designated Partner, LLC

   DE    20-8457976

Outback International Designated Partner, LLC

   DE    20-8718909

Outback Kansas Designated Partner, LLC

   DE    20-8719081

Outback of Aspen Hill, Inc.

   MD    26-1478958

Outback of Germantown, Inc.

   MD    26-0714562

Outback of Waldorf, Inc.

   MD    59-3314442

Outback Sports, LLC

   DE    59-3514778

Outback Steakhouse International, L.P.

   GA    59-3316101

Outback Steakhouse International, LLC

   FL    59-3308620

Outback Steakhouse of Central Florida, Ltd.

   FL    59-2969147

Outback Steakhouse of Central Florida-II, Ltd.

   FL    59-3168113

Outback Steakhouse of Dallas-I, Ltd.

   TX    59-7052644

Outback Steakhouse of Dallas-II, Ltd.

   TX    59-3324626

Outback Steakhouse of Florida, LLC

   FL    59-2848217

Outback Steakhouse of Houston-I, Ltd.

   TX    59-3324630

Outback Steakhouse of Houston-II, Ltd.

   TX    59-3324636

Outback Steakhouse of Indianapolis, Ltd.

   FL    59-3017233


Outback Steakhouse of Kentucky, Ltd.

   FL    59-3168119

Outback Steakhouse of North Georgia-I, L.P.

   GA    58-2114683

Outback Steakhouse of North Georgia-II, L.P.

   GA    59-3267888

Outback Steakhouse of South Carolina, Inc.

   SC    59-3134609

Outback Steakhouse of South Florida, Ltd.

   FL    59-3111207

Outback Steakhouse of South Georgia-I, L.P.

   GA    58-2114732

Outback Steakhouse of South Georgia-II, L.P.

   GA    59-3335767

Outback Steakhouse of Washington D.C., Ltd.

   FL    65-0225014

Outback Steakhouse West Virginia, Inc.

   WV    59-3350085

Outback Steakhouse-NYC, Ltd.

   FL    42-1577138

Outback/Alabama-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3333075

Outback/Alabama-II, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3772370

Outback/Bayou-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    58-2114699

Outback/Bayou-II, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3270373

Outback/Billings, Limited Partnership

   FL    20-3671099

Outback/Bluegrass-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3333076

Outback/Bluegrass-II, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3346424

Outback/Buckeye-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3333080

Outback/Buckeye-II, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3346428

Outback/Carrabba’s Partnership

   FL    59-3381148

Outback/Central Mass, Limited Partnership

   FL    20-4952902

Outback/Charlotte-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    65-0201445

Outback/Chicago-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3167848

Outback/Cleveland-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3177208

Outback/Cleveland-II, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3412031

Outback/DC, Limited Partnership

   FL    20-3127799

Outback/Denver-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3248393

Outback/Detroit-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    38-3046363

Outback/East Michigan, Limited Partnership

   FL    20-3597673

Outback/Empire-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3270369

Outback/Hawaii-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3640519

Outback/Heartland-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3333079

Outback/Heartland-II, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3346422

Outback/Indianapolis-II, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3167850

Outback/Metropolis-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3262681

Outback/Mid Atlantic-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3134612

Outback/Midwest-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3333078

Outback/Midwest-II, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3346419

Outback/Missouri-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3333083

Outback/Missouri-II, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3346417

Outback/Nevada-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3224004

Outback/Nevada-II, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3359890

Outback/New England-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3596315

Outback/New England-II, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3596312

Outback/New York, Limited Partnership

   FL    20-3629909

Outback/North Florida-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3248313

Outback/North Florida-II, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3320869

Outback/Phoenix-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3224005

Outback/Phoenix-II, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3392979

Outback/Shenandoah-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3333081

Outback/Shenandoah-II, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3346418

Outback/South Florida-II, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3258845

Outback/Southwest Georgia, Limited Partnership

   FL    20-3044402

Outback/Stone-II, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3143049

Outback/Utah-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3333072

Outback/Virginia, Limited Partnership

   FL    20-3860075

Outback/West Florida-I, Limited Partnership

   FL    59-3111202

Outback/West Florida-II, Limited Partnership

   FL    65-0507336

Outback/West Penn, Limited Partnership

   FL    20-3025197

Private Restaurant Master Lessee LLC

   DE    20-8515350



The address for each additional guarantor is c/o OSI Restaurant Partners, LLC, 2202 N. West Shore Blvd., 5th Floor, Tampa, Florida 33607


Item 1. General Information. Furnish the following information as to the trustee:


  (a) Name and address of each examining or supervising authority to which it is subject.


       Comptroller of the Currency
       Treasury Department
       Washington, D.C.


       Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
       Washington, D.C.


       Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
       San Francisco, California 94120


  (b) Whether it is authorized to exercise corporate trust powers.


       The trustee is authorized to exercise corporate trust powers.

Item 2. Affiliations with Obligor. If the obligor is an affiliate of the trustee, describe each such affiliation.

None with respect to the trustee.

No responses are included for Items 3-14 of this Form T-1 because the obligor is not in default as provided under Item 13.

Item 15. Foreign Trustee. Not applicable.

Item 16. List of Exhibits. List below all exhibits filed as a part of this Statement of Eligibility.


  Exhibit  1. A copy of the Articles of Association of the trustee now in effect.*


  Exhibit  2. A copy of the Comptroller of the Currency Certificate of Corporate Existence and Fiduciary Powers for Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, dated February 4, 2004.**


  Exhibit  3. See Exhibit 2


  Exhibit  4. Copy of By-laws of the trustee as now in effect.***
  Exhibit  5. Not applicable.


  Exhibit  6. The consent of the trustee required by Section 321(b) of the Act.


  Exhibit  7. A copy of the latest report of condition of the trustee published pursuant to law or the requirements of its supervising or examining authority.


  Exhibit  8. Not applicable.


  Exhibit  9. Not applicable.

* Incorporated by reference to the exhibit of the same number to the trustee’s Form T-1 filed as exhibit 25 to the Form S-4 dated December 30, 2005 of Hornbeck Offshore Services LLC file number 333-130784-06.


** Incorporated by reference to the exhibit of the same number to the trustee’s Form T-1 filed as exhibit 25 to the Form T-3 dated March 3, 2004 of Trans-Lux Corporation file number 022-28721.


*** Incorporated by reference to the exhibit of the same number to the trustee’s Form T-1 filed as exhibit 25.1 to the Form S-4 dated May 26, 2005 of Penn National Gaming, Inc. file number 333-125274.


Pursuant to the requirements of the Trust Indenture Act of 1939, as amended, the trustee, Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, a national banking association organized and existing under the laws of the United States of America, has duly caused this statement of eligibility to be signed on its behalf by the undersigned, thereunto duly authorized, all in the City of Middletown and State of Connecticut on the 9th day of May 2008.


/s/ Joseph P. O’Donnell

Joseph P. O’Donnell

Vice President

Exhibit 6

May 9, 2008

Securities and Exchange Commission

Washington, D.C. 20549


In accordance with Section 321(b) of the Trust Indenture Act of 1939, as amended, the undersigned hereby consents that reports of examination of the undersigned made by Federal, State, Territorial, or District authorities authorized to make such examination may be furnished by such authorities to the Securities and Exchange Commission upon its request therefor.



Very truly yours,



/s/ Joseph P. O’Donnell

Joseph P. O’Donnell

Vice President

Exhibit 7

Consolidated Report of Condition of

Wells Fargo Bank National Association

of 101 North Phillips Avenue, Sioux Falls, SD 57104

And Foreign and Domestic Subsidiaries,

at the close of business December 31, 2007, filed in accordance with 12 U.S.C. §161 for National Banks.


           Dollar Amounts
In Millions



Cash and balances due from depository institutions:


Noninterest-bearing balances and currency and coin

      $ 14,641

Interest-bearing balances




Held-to-maturity securities


Available-for-sale securities


Federal funds sold and securities purchased under agreements to resell:


Federal funds sold in domestic offices


Securities purchased under agreements to resell


Loans and lease financing receivables:


Loans and leases held for sale


Loans and leases, net of unearned income


LESS: Allowance for loan and lease losses


Loans and leases, net of unearned income and allowance


Trading Assets


Premises and fixed assets (including capitalized leases)


Other real estate owned


Investments in unconsolidated subsidiaries and associated companies


Intangible assets




Other intangible assets


Other assets


Total assets

      $ 467,861





In domestic offices

      $ 273,931





In foreign offices, Edge and Agreement subsidiaries, and IBFs






Federal funds purchased and securities sold under agreements to repurchase:


Federal funds purchased in domestic offices


Securities sold under agreements to repurchase


          Dollar Amounts
In Millions

Trading liabilities


Other borrowed money
(includes mortgage indebtedness and obligations under capitalized leases)


Subordinated notes and debentures


Other liabilities


Total liabilities

      $ 426,089

Minority interest in consolidated subsidiaries




Perpetual preferred stock and related surplus


Common stock


Surplus (exclude all surplus related to preferred stock)


Retained earnings


Accumulated other comprehensive income


Other equity capital components


Total equity capital


Total liabilities, minority interest, and equity capital

      $ 467,861

I, Howard I. Atkins, EVP & CFO of the above-named bank do hereby declare that this Report of Condition has been prepared in conformance with the instructions issued by the appropriate Federal regulatory authority and is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Howard I. Atkins


We, the undersigned directors, attest to the correctness of this Report of Condition and declare that it has been examined by us and to the best of our knowledge and belief has been prepared in conformance with the instructions issued by the appropriate Federal regulatory authority and is true and correct.

Michael Loughlin

John Stumpf                         Directors

Carrie Tolstedt