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Filing Detail
Form 24F-2NT - Rule 24F-2 notice:
SEC Accession No. 0001410368-21-000248
Filing Date
2021-03-29 13:54:35
Period of Report
Effectiveness Date

Document Format Files

Seq Description Document Type Size
1 COHEN & STEERS REALTY SHARES, INC.24F3 12312020 24F2.txt 24F-2NT 4717
  Complete submission text file 0001410368-21-000248.txt   6868

Series and Classes/Contracts Information:

  Status Name Ticker Symbol
CIK 0000874505      
Series S000011975   Cohen & Steers Realty Shares
Class/Contract C000032691   Class L CSRSX
Class/Contract C000213415   Class Z CSJZX
Class/Contract C000213416   Class R CSJRX
Class/Contract C000213417   Class A CSJAX
Class/Contract C000213418   Class F CSJFX
Class/Contract C000213419   Class C CSJCX
Class/Contract C000213420   Class I CSJIX
Mailing Address 280 PARK AVENUE 10TH FLOOR NEW YORK NY 10017
Business Address 280 PARK AVENUE 10TH FLOOR NEW YORK NY 10017 2128323232
COHEN & STEERS REALTY SHARES INC (Filer) CIK: 0000874505 (see all company filings)

IRS No.: 000000000 | State of Incorp.: NY | Fiscal Year End: 1231
Type: 24F-2NT | Act: 33 | File No.: 033-40215 | Film No.: 21780976