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March 27, 2017


Mr. Guy LaFerrara

Lee & Associates

9838 Research

Irvine, CA 92618


RE: Proposal To Lease


30191 Avenida de las Banderas, Ste. B

RSM, California


On behalf of Jack Sam, Inc. (“Tenant”), Lee & Associates has been authorized to submit this proposal to lease office space in the above referenced building.




Jack Sam, Inc. a Delaware corporation.






Subject building is a two-story office building located at 30191 Avenida de las Banderas Rancho, Ste. B Santa Margarita, California.




Location and Size of Premises:


Tenant shall lease approximately 3,145 rentable square feet.






Thirty-seven (37) months.




Lease Commencement Date:


Lease shall commence upon Lease execution.




Basic Rental:


The base monthly lease rate shall be calculated on a Net basis as follows:








Base Rent/PSF






At No Cost






$1.00 Net






$1.03 Net






$1.06 Net







*Net expenses are currently estimated to be $.25 per square foot and Tenant will be responsible for their own janitorial and electric.




Operating Expenses:


Tenant shall be responsible for paying its proportionate share of increases in Building Operating Expenses (association expense, common area maintenance and building insurance) and Property Taxes above a 2017 - 2018 Base year. In addition, property taxes and expenses during the base year and subsequent comparison years shall be calculated as though the building was 95% occupied and fully assessed.




Tenant Improvements:


Landlord at Landlords sole cost and expense will have the space professionally cleaned with carpets to be shampooed and walls to be patched and painted.







Landlord shall provide free and in-common surface parking to Tenant at a ratio of four (4) spaces per 1,000 usable square feet throughout the duration of the lease term.


Lee & Associates – Irvine Inc. A Member of the Lee & Associates Group of Companies

Corporate ID# 01044791 | 9838 Research | Irvine, CA 92618

Office: 949.790.3121 | Fax: 949.790.3103




March 27, 2017

Mr. Guy LaFerrara

Page 2





Landlord, at Landlord’s sole cost and expense shall provide Tenant with building standard suite and marque signage. All costs associated with the installation, maintenance and removal of said signage above and beyond Landlord’s Building Signage Allowance shall be absorbed by Tenant.




Building Access:


Tenant shall be allowed access to the building twenty-four (24) hours per day, three hundred sixty-five (365) days per year.




Right to Sublease:


Tenant shall have the right to sublet all or any portion of the Premises to any of its affiliates or subsidiaries and any third party, with Landlord’s prior written approval, which shall not be unreasonably withheld.





Option to Extend:


Tenant will be provided one (1 two (2) year renewal option, said option will be under the same terms and conditions as the original Lease subject to a rental rate of the then prevailing Fair Market Value (“FMV”) adjusted to include all concessions, including commissions, and except as otherwise provided in this Request for Proposal.




Use of Premises:


General office for electronics distributor.




Prepaid Rent and Security Deposit:


Upon execution of a lease document, Tenant shall prepay the first month’s paid rent and a security deposit equal to last month’s rent subject to review of Tenants financials.






Per existing listing agreement.


Landlord and Tenant acknowledge that this proposal is not a lease, and that it is intended as the basis for the preparation of a lease by Landlord. The lease shall be subject to Landlord’s, Tenant’s and Lender approval, and only a fully executed and delivered lease shall constitute a legally binding lease for said property. Broker makes no warranty or representation to Landlord or Tenant that acceptance of this proposal will guarantee the execution of a lease for the property. Until such time that a lease is executed by both parties, Landlord may entertain offers from (and negotiate with) other prospective tenants regarding the subject premises. Broker is not authorized to give legal advice. If Tenant and Landlord desire legal advice, Broker hereby advises Landlord and Tenant to consult with their respective attorneys prior to executing any document(s).



Mark Jerue

Senior Vice President

License ID# 01073399




LANDLORD: Pacific Margarita, LLC


By: ____________________________________________


Date: __________________________________________