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Exhibit 99.1

February 2, 2015

Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation
Three Memorial City Plaza Building
840 Gessner Road, Suite 1400
Houston, Texas 77024-4152

Re:    Audit of
Reserves and Future Net Revenues
As of December 31, 2014
SEC Price Case


At your request, Miller and Lents, Ltd. (MLL) performed an audit of the estimates of proved reserves of oil and gas and the future net revenues associated with these reserves that Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation (Cabot) attributes to its net interests in oil and gas properties as of December 31, 2014. The audit report was prepared for the use of Cabot in its annual financial and reserves reporting and was completed on February 2, 2015. Cabot's estimates, shown below, are in accordance with the definitions contained in Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Regulation S‑X, Rule 4-10(a) as shown in the Appendix.

Reserves and Future Net Revenues as of December 31, 2014

Reserves Category
Net Reserves
Future Net Revenues
Oil and
Discounted at
10% Per Year,
Proved Developed
Proved Undeveloped
   Total Proved

MLL prepared independent estimates of 100 percent of the proved reserves reported by Cabot. Based on MLL’s investigations and subject to the limitations described hereinafter, it is MLL’s judgment that (1) the reserves estimation methods employed by Cabot were appropriate, and its classification of such reserves was appropriate to the relevant SEC reserve definitions, (2) its reserves estimation processes were comprehensive and of sufficient depth, (3) the data upon which Cabot relied were adequate and of sufficient quality, and (4) the results of those estimates and projections are, in the aggregate, reasonable.

Cabot’s reserves estimates were based on decline curve extrapolations, material balance calculations, volumetric calculations, analogies, or combinations of these methods for each well, reservoir, or field. Proved undeveloped reserves were assigned to some locations offset by more than one location from existing production. These proved undeveloped reserves are supported by seismic data and geological cross-sections that appropriately demonstrate reservoir continuity with a high degree of certainty. All proved undeveloped reserves are scheduled to be developed within five years of initial booking. Reserves estimates from volumetric calculations and from analogies are often less certain than reserves estimates based on well performance obtained over a period during which a substantial portion of the reserves were produced.

All reserves discussed herein are located within the Continental United States and Canada. Gas volumes were estimated at the appropriate pressure base and temperature base that are established for each well or field by the applicable sales contract or regulatory body. Total gas reserves were obtained by summing the reserves for all the individual properties and are therefore stated herein at a mixed pressure base.

Cabot represents that the future net revenues reported herein were computed based on prices for oil and gas, utilizing the 12-month averages of the first-day-of-the-month prices, and are in accordance with SEC guidelines. Cabot used benchmark prices of $94.99 per barrel based on the West Texas Intermediate Spot Price at Cushing, Oklahoma and $4.35 per MMBtu based on the Henry Hub Spot Price for its reserves estimates. The average realized prices used in this report for proved reserves, after appropriate adjustments, were $93.32 per barrel for oil, $3.52 per Mcf for gas, and $30.40 per barrel for NGLs. The present value of future net revenues was computed by discounting the future net revenues at 10 percent per year. Estimates of future net revenues and the present value of future net revenues are not intended and should not be interpreted to represent fair market values for the estimated reserves.

In its estimates of proved reserves and future net revenues associated with its proved reserves, Cabot considered that a portion of its facilities associated with the movement of its gas in the Northern Region to its markets are unusual in that the construction and operation of these facilities are highly dependent on its producing operations. Cabot deemed the portion of the costs of these facilities associated with its revenue interest gas as costs attributable to its oil- and gas-producing activities and, accordingly, included these costs in its computation of the future net revenues associated with its proved reserves.

In making its projections, Cabot included cost estimates for well abandonment and well site reclamations. Cabot's estimates include no adjustments for production prepayments, exchange agreements, gas balancing, or similar arrangements. MLL was provided with no information concerning these conditions, and it has made no investigations of these matters as such was beyond the scope of this investigation.

In conducting this evaluation, MLL relied upon, without independent verification, Cabot’s representation of (1) ownership interests, (2) production histories, (3) accounting and cost data, (4) geological, geophysical, and engineering data, and (5) development schedules. These data were accepted as represented and were considered appropriate for the purpose of the audit report. To a lesser extent, nonproprietary data existing in the files of MLL, and data obtained from commercial services were used. MLL employed all methods, procedures, and assumptions considered necessary in utilizing the data provided to prepare the report.

The evaluations presented in this report, with the exceptions of those parameters specified by others, reflect MLL’s informed judgments and are subject to the inherent uncertainties associated with interpretation of geological, geophysical, and engineering information. These uncertainties include, but are not limited to, (1) the utilization of analogous or indirect data and (2) the application of professional judgments. Government policies and market conditions different from those employed in this study may cause (1) the total quantity of oil, natural gas liquids, or gas to be recovered, (2) actual production rates, (3) prices received, or (4) operating and capital costs to vary from those presented in this report. At this time, MLL is not aware of any regulations that would affect Cabot’s ability to recover the estimated reserves.

Miller and Lents, Ltd. is an independent oil and gas consulting firm. No director, officer, or key employee of Miller and Lents, Ltd. has any financial ownership in Cabot. Our compensation for the required investigations and preparation of this report is not contingent on the results obtained and reported, and we have not performed other work that would affect our objectivity. Production of this report was supervised by Carl D. Richard, P.E., an officer of the firm who is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Texas and is professionally qualified, with more than 25 years of relevant experience, in the estimation, assessment, and evaluation of oil and gas reserves.

If you have any questions regarding this evaluation, or if we can be of further assistance, please contact us.

Very truly yours,

Texas Registered Engineering Firm No. F-1442

 /s/ James A. Cole
James A. Cole, P.E.
Senior Consultant

 /s/ Carl D. Richard
Carl D. Richard, P.E.
Senior Vice President