EX-21 3 v403865_exhx21.htm EXHIBIT 21

Exhibit 21


The following is a list of subsidiaries of Foot Locker, Inc. as of January 31, 2015, omitting some subsidiaries, which, considered in the aggregate, would not constitute a significant subsidiary.

Name   State or Other
Jurisdiction of
Footlocker.com, Inc.   Delaware
Eastbay, Inc.   Wisconsin
FLE CV Management, Inc.   Delaware
FLE C.V.   Netherlands
FLE Holdings, BV   Netherlands
FL Europe Holdings, Inc.   Delaware
Foot Locker Austria GmbH   Austria
Foot Locker Belgium B.V.B.A.   Belgium
Foot Locker Europe B.V.   Netherlands
FLE Logistics B.V.   Netherlands
Foot Locker France S.A.S.   France
Foot Locker Italy S.r.l.   Italy
Foot Locker Netherlands B.V.   Netherlands
Foot Locker Germany GmbH & Co. KG   Germany
Foot Locker ETVE, Inc.   Delaware
Foot Locker Europe Holdings, S.L.   Spain
Foot Locker Spain S.L.   Spain
Foot Locker Australia, Inc.   Delaware
Foot Locker New Zealand, Inc.   Delaware
Freedom Sportsline Limited   United Kingdom
Team Edition Apparel, Inc.   Florida
Foot Locker Specialty, Inc.   New York
Foot Locker Retail, Inc.   New York
Foot Locker Europe.com B.V.   Netherlands
Foot Locker Poland Sp. z o.o.   Poland
Foot Locker Czech Republic s.r.o.   Czech Republic
FLE Partners C.V.   Netherlands
FLE Partners LLC   Delaware
Foot Locker Stores, Inc.   Delaware
Foot Locker Corporate Services, Inc.   Delaware
Foot Locker Sourcing, Inc.   Delaware
Foot Locker Artigos desportivos e de tempos livres, Lda.   Portugal
Foot Locker Greece Athletic Goods Ltd.   Greece
Foot Locker Suisse S.A.   Switzerland
Foot Locker Scandinavia B.V.   Netherlands
Foot Locker Hungary Kft   Hungary
Foot Locker Retail Ireland Limited   Ireland
FL Finance (Europe) Limited   Ireland
FL Finance Europe (US) Limited   Ireland
FLE Franchising Limited   Ireland
Foot Locker Canada Co.   Canada
Foot Locker Istanbul Sport Giyim Sanayi ve Ticaret LS   Turkey
Foot Locker Spain C.V.   Netherlands
Foot Locker Denmark B.V.   Netherlands
Runners Point Warenhandelsges. mbH   Germany
Tredex GmbH   Germany
RPG Logistics GmbH   Germany

(1) Each subsidiary company is 100% owned, directly or indirectly, by Foot Locker, Inc. All subsidiaries are consolidated with Foot Locker, Inc. for accounting and financial reporting purposes.