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Exhibit 21

(Name in which such subsidiary conducts business if other than corporate name):
  State of
or Organization
112 Burleigh Avenue Norfolk, LLC   Virginia
1515 West State Street Boise, Idaho, LLC   Delaware
1740 Associates, LLC   Michigan
3581 Carter Hill Road—Montgomery Corp.    Alabama
4042 Warrensville Center Road—Warrensville Ohio, Inc.    Ohio
5277 Associates, Inc.    Washington
5600 Superior Properties, Inc.    Ohio
657 - 659 Broad St. Corp.    New Jersey
Advance Benefits, LLC   Florida
Apex Drug Stores, Inc.    Michigan
Ascend Health Technology, LLC   Delaware
Broadview and Wallings—Broadview Heights Ohio, Inc.    Ohio
Design Rx, LLC   Wyoming
Design Rxclusives, LLC   Wyoming
Design Rx Holdings, LLC   Delaware
Eagle Managed Care Corp.    Delaware
Eckerd Corporation   Delaware
EDC Drug Stores, Inc.    North Carolina
England Street—Asheland Corporation   Virginia
Envision Insurance Company   Ohio
Envision Medical Solutions, LLC   Florida
Envision Pharmaceutical Holdings LLC   Delaware
Envision Pharmaceutical Services, LLC   Nevada
Envision Pharmaceutical Services, LLC   Ohio
EnvisionRx Puerto Rico, Inc.    Delaware
First Florida Insurers of Tampa, LLC   Florida
GDF, Inc.    Maryland
Genovese Drug Stores, Inc.    Delaware
Harco, Inc.    Alabama
Health Dialog Services Corporation   Delaware
Hunter Lane, LLC   Delaware
JCG (PJC) USA, LLC   Delaware
JCG Holdings (USA), Inc.    Delaware
K&B Alabama Corporation   Alabama
K&B Louisiana Corporation   Louisiana
K&B Mississippi Corporation   Mississippi
K&B Services, Incorporated   Louisiana
K&B Tennessee Corporation   Tennessee
K&B Texas Corporation   Texas
K&B, Incorporated   Delaware
Keystone Centers, Inc.    Pennsylvania
Lakehurst and Broadway Corporation   New Jersey
Laker Software, LLC   Minnesota
Maxi Drug North, Inc.    Delaware
Maxi Drug South, L.P.    Delaware
Maxi Drug, Inc.    Delaware
Maxi Green, Inc.    Vermont
MedTrak Services, L.L.C.    Delaware
Munson & Andrews, LLC   Delaware

(Name in which such subsidiary conducts business if other than corporate name):
  State of
or Organization
Name Rite, LLC   Delaware
Orchard Pharmaceutical Services, LLC   Ohio
P.J.C. Distribution, Inc.    Delaware
P.J.C. Realty Co., Inc.    Delaware
Patton Drive and Navy Boulevard Property Corporation   Florida
PDS-1 Michigan, Inc.    Michigan
Perry Distributors, Inc.    Michigan
Perry Drug Stores Inc.    Michigan
PJC Dorchester Realty LLC   Delaware
PJC East Lyme Realty LLC   Delaware
PJC Haverhill Realty LLC   Delaware
PJC Hermitage Realty LLC   Delaware
PJC Hyde Park Realty LLC   Delaware
PJC Lease Holdings, Inc.    Delaware
PJC Manchester Realty LLC   Delaware
PJC Mansfield Realty LLC   Delaware
PJC New London Realty LLC   Delaware
PJC of Massachusetts, Inc.    Massachusetts
PJC of Rhode Island, Inc.    Rhode Island
PJC of Vermont, Inc.    Vermont
PJC Peterborough Realty LLC   Delaware
PJC Providence Realty LLC   Delaware
PJC Realty MA, Inc.    Massachusetts
PJC Realty N.E. LLC   Delaware
PJC Revere Realty LLC   Delaware
PJC Special Realty Holdings, Inc.    Delaware
Ram—Utica, Inc.    Michigan
RDS Detroit, Inc.    Michigan
READ's Inc.    Maryland
RediClinic LLC   Delaware
Rite Aid Drug Palace, Inc.    Delaware
Rite Aid Hdqtrs. Corp.    Delaware
Rite Aid Hdqtrs. Funding, Inc.    Delaware
Rite Aid Lease Management Company   California
Rite Aid of Alabama, Inc.    Alabama
Rite Aid of Connecticut, Inc.    Connecticut
Rite Aid of Delaware, Inc.    Delaware
Rite Aid of Florida, Inc.    Florida
Rite Aid of Georgia, Inc.    Georgia
Rite Aid of Illinois, Inc.    Illinois
Rite Aid of Indiana, Inc.    Indiana
Rite Aid of Kentucky, Inc.    Kentucky
Rite Aid of Maine, Inc.    Maine
Rite Aid of Maryland, Inc.    Maryland
Rite Aid of Massachusetts, Inc.    Massachusetts
Rite Aid of Michigan, Inc.    Michigan
Rite Aid of New Hampshire, Inc.    New Hampshire
Rite Aid of New Jersey, Inc.    New Jersey
Rite Aid of New York, Inc.    New York
Rite Aid of North Carolina, Inc.    North Carolina
Rite Aid of Ohio, Inc.    Ohio

(Name in which such subsidiary conducts business if other than corporate name):
  State of
or Organization
Rite Aid of Pennsylvania, Inc.    Pennsylvania
Rite Aid of South Carolina, Inc.    South Carolina
Rite Aid of Tennessee, Inc.    Tennessee
Rite Aid of Vermont, Inc.    Vermont
Rite Aid of Virginia, Inc.    Virginia
Rite Aid of Washington, D.C., Inc.    Washington DC
Rite Aid of West Virginia, Inc.    West Virginia
Rite Aid Online Store Inc.    Delaware
Rite Aid Payroll Management Inc.    Delaware
Rite Aid Realty Corp.    Delaware
Rite Aid Rome Distribution Center, Inc.    New York
Rite Aid Services, LLC   Delaware
Rite Aid Specialty Pharmacy LLC   Delaware
Rite Aid Transport, Inc.    Delaware
Rite Fund, Inc.    Delaware
Rite Investments Corp.    Delaware
Rite Investments Corp., LLC   Delaware
Rx Choice, Inc.    Delaware
Rx Initiatives, LLC   Utah
Rx Options, LLC   Ohio
Silver Springs Road—Baltimore, Maryland/One, LLC   Delaware
Silver Springs Road—Baltimore, Maryland/Two, LLC   Delaware
The Jean Coutu Group (PJC) USA, Inc.    Delaware
The Lane Drug Company   Ohio
Thrift Drug Inc.    Delaware
Thrifty Corporation   California
Thrifty PayLess, Inc.    California
Tyler and Sanders Roads—Birmingham, Alabama, LLC   Delaware