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Exhibit 21


Argentina   ADT Security Services S.A. (Argentina)        
    Maulo S.A.        
    Sensormatic Argentina S.A.        
    Tyco Flow Control Argentina S.A.        
    Tyco Services S.A. (Argentina)        



A.C.N. 000 233 536 Pty Limited




    A.C.N. 069 907 384 Pty Limited        
    A.C.N. 095 652 645 Pty Limited        
    ACN 000 343 019 Pty Limited        
    ACN 065 576 721 Pty Limited        
    ACN 083 263 076 Pty Limited        
    ACN 095 629 191 Pty Limited        
    ADT Wireless Pty Limited        
    Coastline Foundry (Qld) Pty Limited        
    Complete Engineering Group Pty Limited        
    Danby Pty Limited        
    Electrostrut Australia Pty Limited        
    ETE Coliban Pty Limited        
    Fire Control Pty Limited        
    Firepipe Protection Pty Limited        
    Firmagroup Operations Holdings Pty. Ltd.        
    Gold Energy (Aust) Pty Limited        
    Goyen Controls Co Pty Limited        
    Greenspan Environmental Technology Pty Ltd        
    Greenspan Technology Pty Ltd        
    Kalanda Enterprises Pty Ltd        
    Keystone Asia Pacific Pty Limited        
    M.B. John Pty Limited        
    Metropolitan Fire Services Pty Limited        
    Metropolitan Fire Systems Pty Limited        
    MFS Holdings Pty Limited        
    Milperra Developments Pty Limited        
    Nationguard Security Pty Limited        
    P A Pacific Pty Limited        
    Prindon Holdings Pty Limited        
    Rindin Enterprises Pty Limited        
    Sensormatic Australia Pty Limited        
    Simplex International Pty Limited        
    Steel Mains Pty Limited        
    Super Nominees Pty Limited        
    Swan Metal Skirtings Pty Limited        
    TISP Pty Limited        
    TopAq Pty Limited        
    Tyco Australia Pty Limited        
    Tyco Fire & Security Pty Limited        
    Tyco Flexonics Australia Pty Limited        


    Tyco Flow Control International Pty Limited        
    Tyco Flow Control Pacific Pty Limited        
    Tyco International Pty Limited        
    Tyco Projects (Australia) Pty Limited        
    Tyco Water Pty Limited        
    Unistrut (New Zealand) Holdings Pty Limited        
    Unistrut Australia Pty Limited        
    Viking Fire Systems Pty Limited        
    Water Infrastructure Group (Queensland) Pty Ltd        
    Water Infrastructure Group Pty Ltd        
    Water Reticulation Systems (Virginia) Pty Limited        
    Water Reticulation Systems Hire Pty Limited        
    Wormald and ADT Australia Pty Limited        
    Yarway Australia Pty Limited        



ADT—Sensormatic Ges.m.b.H




    Tyco Building Services Products (Austria) GmbH        
    Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions GmbH (Austria)        



Tyco Global Exchange Inc.




    Tyco International Asia Inc. (Bahamas)        
    Tyco Shares Ltd.        
    World Services Inc.        



Exeter Holdings Limited




    Tyco International Holdings Ltd.        
    Tyco Worldwide Holdings Ltd.        



ADT Europe N.V.




    Airvans Belgium S.A.        
    CIPE Belgium S.A.        
    DSC International S.A.        
    Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions N.V.        
    Tyco Flow Control Europe S.A.        
    Tyco Thermal Controls NV        
    WHICH Belgium S.A.        



Camron (Bermuda) Insurance, Ltd.




    Electro-Protective Limited        
    Kral Steel Limited        
    Tyco (Bermuda) Unlimited No. 1        
    Tyco Capital Holdings Ltd.        
    Tyco Capital Ltd.        
    Tyco Delta Limited        
    Tyco Epsilon Limited        
    Tyco Holdings (Bermuda) No. 12 Limited        
    Tyco Holdings (Bermuda) No. 14 Limited        
    Tyco Holdings Limited        
    Tyco Kappa Limited        
    Tyco Omega Limited        
    Tyco Zeta        
    Willoughby Assurance Ltd.        





ADT Security Services do Brasil Ltda




    Alarm-Tek Comercio E Participacoes Ltda.        
    Alarm-Tek do Brasil Sistemas de Vigilancia Ltda.        
    Figgie do Brasil Industria e Comercio Ltda.        
    Hiter Industria e Comercio de Controles Termo-Hidraulicos Ltda.        
    M.M. Participacoes Ltda.        
    Mojonnier do Brasil Industria e Comercio de Equipamentos Ltda.        
    S.E.C. do Brasil Ltda.        
    Senelbra Industria, Comercio e Servicos Ltda. (51%)        
    Sensorbrasil Comercio e Locacoes Ltda.        
    Sensormatic do Brasil Eletronica Ltda. (51%)        
    Tyco Dinaco Industria e Comercio de Ferro e Aco Ltda.        
    Tyco Fire & Security Equipamentos Ltda [Brazil]        
    Tyco Services Ltda.        
    Tyco Valves & Controls Brasil Ltda.        
    Valvulas Crosby Industria e Comercio Ltda.        
    Westlock Equipamentos de Controle Ltda.        

Brunei Darussalam


Indeco Services Sdn Bhd




    Tyco Services (B) Sdn. Bhd.        



7142374 Canada Inc.




    ADT Canada Holdings Limited        
    ADT Finance Inc.        
    ADT Security Services Canada, Inc.        
    Ansul Canada Limited        
    Broadview Security Canada Limited        
    Century Industries Company        
    Columbia-MBF Inc.        
    Hawley Group Canada Limited        
    Intercon Security Limited        
    Keystone Canada Co.        
    Parkwood Security Systems Inc.        
    S E C Investments of Canada Ltd.        
    SecurityLink Ltd.        
    Sensormatic Canada Incorporated        
    TEPG Canada Inc.        
    Tracer Canada Incorporated        
    Tracer Field Services Canada Ltd.        
    Tracer Industries Canada Limited        
    Tyco International of Canada Ltd.        
    Tyco Safety Products Canada Ltd.        
    Tyco Thermal Controls (Canada) Ltd.        
    Tyco Thermal Controls Construction Corporation        
    Tyco Valves & Controls Canada Inc.        
    Unistrut Canada Limited        

Cayman Islands


Sensormatic Cayman Finance Ltd.







ADT Security Services S.A. (Chile)




    ADT Seguridad Fisica S.A.        
    Investim Chile S.A.        


    Simplex S.A.        
    Tyco Flow Control Chile S.A.        
    Tyco Services S.A. (Chile)        
    Unistrut Chile Comercial e Industrial Limitada (60%)        



ADT Macau Limited




    ADT Security Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (90%)        
    ADT Security Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (90%)        
    Allied Metal Products (Changshu) Co., Ltd.        
    Ansul Fire Equipment (Shanghai) Co. Ltd        
    Keystone Valve (China) Ltd.        
    KTM Ball Valve Manufacturing (Sichuan) Co. Ltd.        
    Shanghai Eagle Safety Equipment Ltd.        
    Tyco Fire & Integrated Systems (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.        
    Tyco Fire & Security (Beijing) Co., Ltd.        
    Tyco Fire & Security (Tianjin) Ltd        
    Tyco Fire & Security Services International Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd        
    Tyco Fire, Security & Services (Macau) Limited        
    Tyco Flow Control (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.        
    Tyco Flow Control Beijing Co., Ltd.        
    Tyco Flow Control Trading (Shanghai) Ltd.        
    Tyco Safety Products (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.        
    Tyco Safety Products (Shenyang) Co., Ltd.        
    Tyco Thermal Controls (Huzhou) Co. Ltd        
    Tyco Thermal Controls (Shanghai) Engineering Co., Ltd.        
    Tyco Thermal Controls (Shanghai) Trading Co. Ltd        
    Tyco Water Valve (Shanghai) Co., Ltd        



Tyco Services S.A. (Colombia)





Costa Rica


ADT Security Services, S.A. (Costa Rica)




    Tyco Ingenieria y Construccion S.A.        



Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions d.o.o. (Croatia)





Czech Republic


Feuerloschgerate Neuruppin CZ, s.r.o.




    Schmieding Armatury CZ s.r.o.        
    Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions s.r.o., clen koncernu Tyco        
    Tyco Thermal Controls Czech s.r.o.        
    Tyco Valves & Controls Distribution Czech s.r.o.        







    Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions (Denmark) A/S        
    Tyco Holding III (Denmark) ApS        
    Tyco Holding IV (Denmark) ApS        
    Tyco Holding IX (Denmark) ApS        
    Tyco Holding VIII (Denmark) ApS        
    Tyco Holding XI (Denmark) ApS        
    Tyco Integrated Systems (Denmark) ApS        
    Tyco Valves & Controls Denmark A/S        
    Water Holding (Denmark) ApS        



Sociedad Anonima Grinnell Sistemas de Proteccion Contra Incendios









Tyco Fiji Limited







Scott Health & Safety Oy




    Scott Technologies Health & Safety Oy        
    Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions (Finland) OY        
    Tyco Thermal Controls Finland Oy        



Acroba S.A.S




    Bayard SAS        
    Conception et Representation de Technologie de Controle C.R.T. Controle        
    Fibaly SA        
    Flow Control Technologies SA        
    Generale de Robinetterie Industrielle et de Systemes de Surete (GRISS) S.A.        
    Isogard SAS        
    MANIBS France S.A.R.L.        
    Mecafrance S.A.        
    Sci Becaro        
    Sci Chanle        
    T.S. France SA        
    Tyco Building Services Products S.A.S. (France)        
    Tyco Europe S.A.        
    Tyco European Security Holdings SA        
    Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions France        
    Tyco Flow Control Europe SAS        
    Tyco France Security S.A.        
    Tyco Safety Products France SARL        
    Tyco Thermal Controls SAS        
    Tyco Valves & Controls Distribution (France) S.C.A.        



ADT Deutschland GmbH




    ADT Protecco GmbH        
    ADT Secured Payments GmbH        
    ADT SecurePay GmbH        
    ADT Security Deutschland GmbH        
    ADT Sensormatic GmbH        
    ADT Service-Center GmbH        
    ADT Wellcom GmbH        
    Chemat GmbH Armaturen fur Industrie—und Nuklearanlage        
    CKS Security GmbH        
    CKS Systeme GmbH & Co. KG        
    COSMOS Feuerloeschgeraetebau GmbH        
    DA Export International GmbH        
    Dritte Korschenbroicher Armaturen GmbH        
    Erhard GmbH & Co. KG        
    Erhard Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH        
    Erste Korschenbroicher Armaturen GmbH & Co. KG        
    Erste Korschenbroicher Armaturen Verwaltungs GmbH        
    Erwin Burbach Maschinenfabrik GmbH        
    Feuerloschgerate GmbH Neuruppin        


    FLN Feuerloschgerate Neuruppin Vertriebs GmbH        
    Flow Control Holding GmbH & Co KG        
    Flow Control Holding Verwaltungs GmbH        
    Fondermann GmbH        
    Frischhut Armaturen und Formteile GmbH        
    Helmut Geissler Glasinstrumente GmbH        
    Inter-Brandschutz GmbH        
    Ludwig Frischhut Beteiligungs GmbH        
    Ludwig Frischhut GmbH & Co. KG        
    Mecafrance (Deutschland) GmbH        
    NEUHAUS Feuerloschgerate GmbH        
    S+S Armaturen Technology GmbH        
    SABO-Armaturen Service GmbH        
    Schmieding Armaturen GmbH        
    Sempell AG        
    STRATE Technologie fur Abwasser GmbH        
    TEPG GmbH        
    Total Feuerschutz GmbH        
    Total Walther Beteiligungsgesellschaft Gmbh        
    Total Walther Feuerschutz Loschmittel GmbH        
    Total Walther GmbH, Feuerschutz und Sicherheit        
    Trade GmbH        
    Tyco Building Services Products (Germany) GmbH        
    Tyco Building Services Products Division GmbH        
    Tyco European Investments Deutschland GmbH        
    Tyco Holding GmbH        
    Tyco International Armaturen Holding GmbH        
    Tyco International PLT Deutschland GmbH        
    Tyco International PLT GmbH        
    Tyco International PLT Klartechnik GmbH        
    Tyco International PLT Umwelttechnik GmbH        
    Tyco Thermal Controls GmbH        
    Tyco Thermal Controls Holding GmbH        
    Tyco Umwelttechnik GmbH        
    Tyco Valves & Controls Distribution GmbH        
    Tyco Waterworks Deutschland GmbH        
    Tyco Waterworks GmbH & Co. KG        
    Vierte Korschenbroicher Armaturen GmbH & Co. KG        
    Vierte Korschenbroicher Armaturen Verwaltungs GmbH        
    WOPF Befestigungselemente GmbH        
    Zweite Korschenbroicher Armaturen GmbH        



Espion (International) Limited




    Silver Avenue Holdings Limited        
    Stralen Investments Limited        
    Tyco International (Gibraltar) II Limited        
    Tyco International (Gibraltar) III Limited        
    Tyco International (Gibraltar) IV Limited        



ADT Greece S.A. (ADT Hellas)




    Tyco International PLT (Hellas) Ltd        





ADT Sistemas de Seguridad, S.A. (Guatemala)




    Grinnell Sistemas de Proteccion Contra Incendio S.A. (Guatemala)        
    Tyco Ingenieria y Construccion S.A. (Guatemala)        

Hong Kong


ADT Hong Kong Limited




    ATS Technology (Hong Kong) Limited        
    Sensormatic Far East Limited        
    Sensormatic Hong Kong Limited        
    Tak Cheong (Yau Kee) Engineering Limited        
    Thorn Security (Hong Kong) Limited        
    Tyco Engineering & Construction (Hong Kong) Limited        
    Tyco Fire and Security Services China Limited        
    Tyco Flow Control Hong Kong Limited        
    Union Spirit Enterprises Limited        
    Wormald Engineering Services Limited        



ADT Fire & Security Kft.




    Manibs Specialarmaturen Hungary Kereskedelmi Korlatolt Felelossegu
    Tyco Building Services Products (Hungary) Kft        
    Tyco Valves & Controls Distribution Ltd        



Sakhi-Raimondi Valves (India) Pvt Ltd (76.03%)




    Simplex Building Systems Pvt Ltd        
    Tyco Fire & Security India Private Limited        
    Tyco Thermal Controls India Private Limited        
    Tyco Valves & Controls India Pvt. Ltd.        



PT Tyco Eurapipe Indonesia




    PT. ODG Wormald Indonesia        



ACE Alarm Systems Limited




    ADT Fire and Security Limited        
    ADT Limited        
    Allied Metal Products Limited        
    Brangate Limited        
    Fondermann & Co. (Ireland) Limited        
    Imasco Public Limited Company        
    Mather & Platt (Ireland) Limited        
    Modern Security Systems Limited        
    Mountainbran Limited        
    Obsidian HCM Holdings Ireland        
    Obsidian HCM Med Holdings Ireland        
    Obsidian HCM Med International Holdings        
    Plateau Automation Limited        
    SEC Investments of Ireland        
    Sensormatic R&D Limited        
    Sensormatic Electronics Corporation (Ireland) Limited        
    Sensormatic European Distribution Limited        
    Tyco Far East Holdings Limited        
    Tyco International Finance Ireland        
    Tyco Ireland Limited        


    Tyco Valves and Controls Ireland Limited        
    Unistrut Ireland Limited        
    Waterson (Unlimited)        

Ireland, Northern


Controlled Electronics Management Systems Limited




    Flo-Check Valves Limited        
    Intellectual Systems Ltd.        
    Security Centres (UK) Limited        

Isle of Man


Automated Security (International) Limited




    Electra Systems Limited        
    Modern Alarms Limited        
    Modern Security Systems (IOM) Ltd.        
    Obsidian HCM Med Isle of Man        
    Security Centres Holdings International Ltd.        



Raphael Valves Industries (1975) Ltd.




    Tyco Raphael Industries Ltd.        



ADT Fire & Security Italia S.p.A.




    Belgicast Italia S.R.L.        
    Bentel Security S.r.l.        
    Biffi Italia S.r.l.        
    Laesa Technology Srl        
    MECAIR S.r.L.        
    Sabo Foam Srl        
    Tyco Building Services Products (Italy) S.r.l.        
    Tyco Flow Control Italia S.r.l.        
    Tyco Valves and Controls Italia S.r.l.        



Tyco Flow Control Japan Co., Ltd.




    Tyco Thermal Controls Japan Co., Ltd.        



Tyco Thermal Controls Kazakhstan LLP







ADT Finance S.A.




    ADT Luxembourg S.A.        
    Allied Luxembourg S.a.r.l.        
    CIPE Luxembourg S.A.        
    Tyco Brazil (Luxembourg) S.a.r.l.        
    Tyco Holdings S.a.r.l.        
    Tyco International Finance S.A.        
    Tyco International Group S.A.        
    Tyco International Holding S.a.r.l.        



ADT Services (M) Sdn. Bhd.




    Euratech (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.        
    Grinnell Supply Sales (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.        
    Life Engineering Sdn. Bhd.        
    Tyco Fire, Security & Services Malaysia Sdn Bhd        
    Tyco Flow Control (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.        
    Tyco Grinnell KM Sdn. Bhd.        
    Tyco Services Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.        


    Tyco Valves & Controls (M) Sdn. Bhd.        



Tyco Asia Investments Limited







ADT Holding de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.




    ADT Integrated Solutions, S.A. de C.V.        
    ADT Private Security Services de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.        
    ADT Security Services, S.A. de C.V.        
    Ansul Mexico, S.A. de C.V.        
    Fire Equipment de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.        
    S.L.K. Alarm Services, S.A. de C.V.        
    Sensormatica, S. de R.L. de C.V.        
    Simplex Grinnell, S.A. de C.V.        
    Tyco Engineering & Construction, S.A. de C.V.        
    Tyco International de Mexico, S. de R.L. de C.V.        
    Tyco Services, S.A. de C.V. (Mexico)        
    Tyco Valves and Controls de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.        



ADT Security Namibia (Proprietary) Limited







AIM Nederland B.V.




    Glearth B.V.        
    Hovap International (Holland) B.V.        
    Narvik-Yarway B.V.        
    Pritchard Services Group BV        
    Professional Fixings BV        
    Protector Technologies BV        
    Sensormatic B.V.        
    Sensormatic Distribution & Holdings B.V.        
    Sensormatic Investments Associates B.V.        
    Svenska Skum B.V.        
    Technische Handelsbureau en Armeturenfabriek Wafrega B.V.        
    Tyco Building Services Products B.V.        
    Tyco Energy Valves B.V.        
    Tyco Fire & Security Nederland BV        
    Tyco International Fire and Security Holdings Cooperatief U.A.        
    Tyco Thermal Controls BV        
    Tyco Valves & Controls B.V.        
    Tyco Waterworks B.V.        
    Uni Joint B.V.        
    Unistrut (Benelux) B.V.        

New Zealand


Armourguard Security Limited




    Keystone New Zealand Company        
    New Zealand Valve Company        
    Nortrac Engineering Company        
    Sensormatic New Zealand Limited        
    Tyco Construction Technologies NZ Limited        
    Tyco Flexonics NZ Company        
    Tyco New Zealand Limited        
    Unistrut New Zealand Company        



Grinnell Sistemas de Proteccion Contra Incendio S.A. (Nicaragua)






    Tyco Ingenieria y Construccion S.A. (Nicaragua)        



Tyco Building Services Products (Norway) AS




    Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions (Norway) AS        
    Tyco Thermal Controls Norway AS        



Tyco Fire & Security Pakistan (PVT) Ltd.







Tyco Services S.A. (Peru)







Tyco Integrated Systems Philippines Inc.




    Tyco PIECO Corporation, Inc.        



ADT Fire and Security SP.Z.O.O.




    Schmieding Armaturen Poland sp. z. o.o        
    Tyco Thermal Controls Polska Sp. z.o.o.        
    Tyco Valves & Controls Polska Sp.z.o.o.        
    Tyco Waterworks Polska Sp.z.o.o.        



Industra—Comercio de equipamentos Industriais, S.A.




    Sensormatic Proteccao Contra Furto, Lda        
    Tyco Integrated Systems (Portugal), Unipessoal Lda        

Puerto Rico


ADT Security Services Puerto Rico, Inc.




    SecurityLink of Puerto Rico, Inc.        
    Sensormatic del Caribe, Inc. (Puerto Rico)        
    Tyco Valves & Controls—Puerto Rico Corporation        



Robinete Raf Campina, S.A.




    SC FCT Industrial Srl        



Limited Liability Company ADT Security Solutions




    Tyco Thermal Controls [Russia]        



Keystone Valve (U.K.) Ltd.




    Prestaroy Limited        
    Rhomax Engineering Limited        
    Security Centres (Scotland) Limited        
    Tyco Valves & Controls Distribution (UK) Limited        
    WM Fire Protection Limited        



Allied Metal Products Pte. Ltd.




    Central Spraysafe Company Pte Ltd        
    Greenspan Singapore Private Limited        
    TEPG Pte Ltd        
    Tyco Building Services Pte. Ltd.        
    Tyco Fire & Building Products Asia Pte. Ltd.        
    Tyco Fire, Security & Services Pte. Ltd.        
    Tyco Flow Control Pte. Ltd.        
    Tyco India (Singapore) Private Limited        
    Tyco Pipe Systems Pte Ltd        

Slovak Republic


Tatra Armatura s.r.o.




    Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions (Slovakia) s.r.o.        

South Africa


ADT Security (Proprietary) Ltd (South Africa)






    ADT Security Guarding (Proprietary) Limited        
    Ansul South Africa (Proprietary) Limited        
    Belgicast (PTY) Ltd.        
    Kusela Security Solutions (Proprietary) Limited (50%)        
    Sentry Response (Pty) Ltd        
    TM Monitoring (Pty) Ltd        
    Tyco Valves and Controls Distribution SA (Proprietary) Limited        
    Tyco Waterworks (Pty) Ltd.        

South Korea


ADT Caps Co., Ltd.




    ADT Security Co., Ltd.        
    Capstec Co., Ltd.        
    Dong Bang Electronic Industrial Co. Ltd.        
    Keystone Valve (Korea) Limited        
    Tyco Marine Services Korea Company Limited        
    Tyco Thermal Controls Korea Ltd.        



ADT Espana Servicios de Seguridad, S.L.




    Belgicast Internacional S.L.        
    Sensormatic Electronics Corporation S.A.        
    Sensormatic Electronics Corporation Services SA        
    Wormald Mather & Platt Espana, S.A.        

Sri Lanka


A&E Products Lanka (PVT) Ltd







ADT Sweden AB




    Erichs Armatur AB (50%)        
    Svenska Skum International AB        
    Svenska Skumslacknings AB        
    Tyco Building Services Products (Sweden) AB        
    Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions (Sweden) AB        
    Tyco Thermal Controls Nordic AB        



ADT Services AG




    Neotecha AG        
    Swiss Alertis AG        
    Tyco China (Switzerland) GmbH        
    Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions (Schweiz) AG        
    Tyco Flow Services AG        
    Tyco International FH (Switzerland) GmbH        
    Tyco International Finance Group GmbH        
    Tyco International Finance Holding GmbH        
    Tyco International Holding S.a.r.l., Luxembourg (LU), Schaffhausen Branch        
    Tyco International Ltd.        
    Tyco International Services Holding GmbH        
    Tyco Italy (Switzerland) GmbH        



ADT Security Services Ltd




    Taiwan Valve Co., Ltd        
    Tyco Fire, Security & Services Taiwan Ltd        
    Tyco Valves & Controls (Taiwan) Limited        





ADT Sensormatic (Thailand) Co., Ltd.




    Indeco Services Co., Limited        
    Tyco Fire, Security & Services (Thailand) Limited        
    Tyco International PLT (Thailand) Limited        
    Tyco International PLT Engineering (Thailand) Limited        
    Tyco Valves & Controls (Thailand) Limited        
    WHC Holdings Limited        
    Windmill Street Limited        



Tyco Flow Control Middle East FZE





United Kingdom


A.G. Marvac Limited




    ACE Security (Derbys) Limited        
    ADT (Private Unlimited Company)        
    ADT (UK) Holdings PLC        
    ADT (UK) Limited        
    ADT Finance PLC        
    ADT Fire and Security PLC        
    ADT Group PLC        
    ADT Pension Fund Limited        
    ADT Travel Group Limited        
    ADT Trustees Limited        
    ADT UK Investments Limited        
    Advanced Independent Monitoring Limited        
    Allied Products UK Limited        
    American District Telegraph Services International Limited        
    Atlantic Plastics Limited        
    Atlas Fire Engineering Limited        
    Audix Systems Limited        
    Automated Loss Prevention Systems International Limited        
    Automated Loss Prevention Systems Limited        
    Automated Security (Holdings) PLC        
    Automated Security Limited        
    Avalon Emergency Systems Limited        
    Britannia Security Group Limited        
    Britannia Security Systems (Midlands) Limited        
    Britannia Security Systems Limited        
    C.C.T.V. Limited        
    C.E. Security Systems Limited        
    C.I.S. (Cast Iron Services) Limited        
    Central Spraysafe Company Limited        
    Cheshire Alarm Services Ltd.        
    Control Equipment Limited        
    D J Security Alarms Limited        
    Debro Engineering and Presswork Limited        
    Edward Barber & Company Limited        
    Edward Barber (U.K.) Limited        
    Erhard Valves Limited        
    Ever Three Limited        
    Farnham Limited        
    Figgie (G.B.) Ltd.        


    Figgie (U.K.) Limited        
    Figgie Sportswear (U.K.) Limited        
    Figgie Sportswear Limited        
    Fire Defender (U.K.) Limited        
    Fire Safety Inspection Company Limited        
    Garfield Security Systems Limited        
    Goyen Controls Co UK Limited        
    Grinnell (U.K.) Limited        
    Group Sonitrol Security Systems Limited        
    Hindle Cockburns Limited        
    How Fire Limited        
    How Fire Maintenance Limited        
    Jades Doors Limited        
    JEL Building Management Limited        
    Kean and Scott Limited        
    Kingsclere Investments Ltd.        
    Knogo UK Limited        
    Macron Safety Systems (UK) Limited        
    Maidstone Fire Protection Limited        
    Management and Control Systems Limited        
    Mather & Platt Alarms Limited        
    Modern Automatic Alarms Limited        
    Modern Security Systems (Private Unlimited Company)        
    Motor Auctions Group Limited, The        
    Mountwest 81 Limited        
    Narvik-Yarway Limited        
    OCYT 1 Limited        
    OCYT 10 Limited        
    OCYT 2 Limited        
    OCYT 3 Limited        
    OCYT 4 Limited        
    OCYT 5 Limited        
    OCYT 6 Limited        
    OCYT 7 Limited        
    OCYT 9 Limited        
    Pipework Fabrications Limited        
    Pritchard Services Group Investments Limited        
    Protection One (UK) Limited        
    Protector Technologies Limited        
    Raychem HTS Limited        
    S L S Engineering Limited        
    Sabre Supply Management Limited        
    Safety Systems UK Limited        
    Saffire Alarm Systems Limited        
    Saffire Extinguishers Limited        
    Samuel Booth & Company Limited        
    Scott Health & Safety Limited        
    Securitag International Limited        
    Security Centres (UK) Holdings Limited        
    Security Centres Holdings Limited        


    Security Centres Investments Limited        
    Sensormatic (U.K.) Limited        
    Sensormatic Camera Limited        
    Sensormatic Commercial/Industrial Ltd.        
    Sensormatic Finance Limited        
    Sensormatic International Limited        
    Sensormatic Investments Limited        
    Sensormatic Limited        
    Sensormatic Security Solutions Limited        
    Shearwater Solutions Limited        
    Shepton Holdings Limited        
    Sonitrol Limited        
    Sound & Vision Technologies Limited        
    Spector Lumenex Limited        
    Spensall Engineering Limited        
    Spraysafe Automatic Sprinklers Limited        
    Steel Support Systems Limited        
    Strate (UK) Limited        
    Telecom Security Limited        
    Telesurveillance Limited        
    Ten Acre Securities Ltd.        
    Thorn Security Group Limited        
    Thorn Security Limited        
    Thorn Security Pension Trustees Limited        
    TSG Trustees Limited        
    Tyco Building Services Products (UK) Limited        
    Tyco Engineered Products (UK) Ltd        
    Tyco Engineering Services Limited        
    Tyco European Metal Framing Limited        
    Tyco European Steel Strip Limited        
    Tyco European Tubing Limited        
    Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions (UK) Limited        
    Tyco Fire Products Manufacturing Limited        
    Tyco Fire Systems Limited        
    Tyco Flow Control (UK) Limited        
    Tyco Holdings (UK) Limited        
    Tyco Integrated Systems Limited        
    Tyco Thermal Controls UK Limited        
    Tyco Tubing Limited        
    Tyco Valves & Controls Gulf Limited        
    Tyco Valves Limited        
    Unirax Limited        
    Unistrut Europe Limited        
    Unistrut Holdings Limited        
    Unistrut Limited        
    Westlock Controls Limited        
    Whessoe Vapour Control Ltd        
    Whessoe Varec Company, The        
    Wormald Fire Systems Limited        
    Wormald Holdings (U.K.) Ltd.        


    Wormald Industrial Property Ltd.        
    Zettler Limited        

United States


Activation Technologies, LLC




    ADT Holdings, Inc.     DE  
    ADT Investments II, Inc.     DE  
    ADT Investments, Inc.     DE  
    ADT Maintenance Services, Inc.     DE  
    ADT Security Services, Inc.     DE  
    ADT Security Systems, West, Inc     DE  
    ADT Title Holding Company I     DE  
    ADT Title Holding Company II     DE  
    AFC Cable Systems, Inc.     DE  
    Alliance Integrated Systems, Inc.     DE  
    Allied Holdings US, Inc.     DE  
    Allied Tube & Conduit Corporation     DE  
    API Security, Inc.     DE  
    Arrowsmith Limited Partnership     MA  
    Automated Security Corp.     DE  
    Automated Security Holdings, Inc.     DE  
    Barricade Merger Sub, Inc.     DE  
    CCTC International, Inc.     DE  
    CEM Access Systems, Inc.     TX  
    Central CPVC Corporation     AL  
    Central Sprinkler Company     PA  
    Central Sprinkler Holdings, Inc.     DE  
    Chagrin H.Q. Venture Ltd. (50%)     OH  
    Chagrin Highlands Inc.     OH  
    Chagrin Highlands Ltd. (50%)     OH  
    Citrine Pool LLC     NV  
    Connect 24 Wireless Communications Inc.     DE  
    Crosby Valve, LLC     NV  
    CVG Holding Corp.     DE  
    D.A.S. International, Ltd.     WI  
    Descote, Inc.     LA  
    Digital Security Controls, Inc.     NY  
    Domestic Alarm, Inc.     CA  
    Electro Signal Lab, Inc.     DE  
    FCI Liquidations, Inc.     DE  
    Figgie Leasing Corporation     DE  
    Fire Products GP Holding, LLC     DE  
    Georgia Pipe Company     GA  
    Glynwed Holdings, Inc.     DE  
    Goodrich Westminster Limited Partnership     MA  
    Goyen Valve Corporation     CA  
    Grinnell LLC     DE  
    IMB, A Simplex Company, L.L.C.     DE  
    International Financing, Inc.     DE  
    J.R. Clarkson Company, The     NV  
    Keystone France Holdings Corp.     DE  


    Keystone Germany Holdings Corp.     DE  
    Keystone Kuwait, Inc.     DE  
    Keystone Saudi, Inc.     TX  
    Master Protection, LP     DE  
    MCS Communication Products Inc.     CA  
    Obsidian HCM Holdings, Inc.     DE  
    Obsidian HCN International Corporation     DE  
    Paul Scott Security Systems, Inc.     NJ  
    Paul Scott Security Systems, LLC     NJ  
    Raychem International Holdings, LLC     DE  
    Retail Expert, Inc.     DE  
    RI Corporation     DE  
    S2 Mergersub Inc.     NJ  
    Safe Link Corporation     MN  
    Sakertrax, Inc.     CA  
    Scott Technologies Foundation     OH  
    Scott Technologies, Inc.     DE  
    Senelco Iberia, Inc.     DE  
    Sensormatic Asia/Pacific, Inc.     DE  
    Sensormatic Distribution, Inc.     DE  
    Sensormatic Electronics Corporation (Puerto Rico)     DE  
    Sensormatic Electronics, LLC     NV  
    Sensormatic International Holdings II, Inc.     DE  
    Sensormatic International, Inc.     DE  
    Sensormatic Technology, Inc.     FL  
    Simplex Asia I, Inc.     DE  
    Simplex Thailand, L.L.C.     DE  
    Simplex Time Recorder Co.     MA  
    SimplexGrinnell Holdings, Inc.     DE  
    SimplexGrinnell LP     DE  
    Smith Alarm Systems, Inc.     TX  
    STI Licensing Corporation     DE  
    STI Properties, Inc.     DE  
    STI Properties, Ltd.     OH  
    STI Risk Management Co. (85%)     FL  
    STR Grinnell GP Holding, LLC     NV  
    STR Realty Holdings LLC     DE  
    Telestate International, Inc.     DE  
    TKN, Inc.     RI  
    Tracer Construction Company     DE  
    Tracer Field Services, Inc.     DE  
    Tracer Industries Finance Co., Inc.     DE  
    Tracer Industries International, Inc.     TX  
    Tracer Industries Management Co., Inc.     DE  
    Tracer Industries, Inc.     DE  
    Tracer Licensing, L.P.     DE  
    TV&C GP Holding, LLC     NV  
    Tyco Acquisition Corp. XXV (NV)     NV  
    Tyco Acquisition Epsilon LLC     NV  
    Tyco Acquisition Gamma LLC     NV  


    Tyco Capital Investments, Inc.     NV  
    Tyco Finance Corp.     DE  
    Tyco Fire & Security LLC     NV  
    Tyco Fire Products LP     DE  
    Tyco Flow Control Company LLC     DE  
    Tyco Flow Control International Holdings A, LLC     DE  
    Tyco Flow Control International Holdings B, LLC     DE  
    Tyco Flow Control International Holdings C, LLC     DE  
    Tyco Flow Control International Holdings D, LLC     DE  
    Tyco Holdings of Nevada, Inc.     NV  
    Tyco International (NV) Inc.     NV  
    Tyco International (US) International Holdings B, LLC     DE  
    Tyco International Asia, Inc.     DE  
    Tyco International CTC, Inc.     AK  
    Tyco International Management Company, LLC     NV  
    Tyco International PLT Holdings TAC, Inc.     NV  
    Tyco International PLT Holdings, Inc.     DE  
    Tyco International PLT, Inc.     DE  
    Tyco International US China Inc.     DE  
    Tyco Merger Sub (NJ) Inc.     NJ  
    Tyco Receivables Corp.     DE  
    Tyco Safety Products (US), LLC     NV  
    Tyco Safety Products US, Inc.     NV  
    Tyco Thermal Controls Holdings LLC     DE  
    Tyco Thermal Controls Holdings B LLC     DE  
    Tyco Thermal Controls LLC     DE  
    Tyco Valves & Controls LP     DE  
    Tyco Valves & Controls, Inc.     TX  
    Tyco Valves and Controls Middle East, Inc.     DE  
    Tyco Valves and Controls U.A.E., Inc.     TX  
    Tyco Water Corp.     TX  
    Tyco Worldwide Services, Inc.     DE  
    Unistrut International Corporation     NV  
    Unistrut International Holdings, LLC     DE  
    United States Construction Co.     DE  
    Water Holdings Corp.     DE  
    Westec Business Security, Inc.     DE  
    Westlock Controls Corporation     DE  
    Westlock Controls Holdings, Inc.     NV  
    White Mountain Group Holdings, Inc.     NV  
    White Mountain Insurance Company     VT  
    Willoughby Holdings Inc.     DE  
    WPFY, Inc.     DE  
    Yarway Corporation     PA  



ADT Security Services S.A. (Uruguay)




    Knogo Latin America S.A.        
    Tyco Flow Control del Uruguay S.A.        



Ansul de Venezuela C.A.




    Grinnell Sistemas de Proteccion Contra Incendio S.A. (Venezuela)        


    Servicios Tyco Internacional 1060, C.A.        
    Tyco Flow Control de Venezuela, C.A.        



Tyco Engineering (Vietnam) Ltd.







ADT Security Services Limited [Zambia]