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Exhibit 21
The list below excludes certain subsidiaries which, considered in the aggregate as a single subsidiary, would not constitute a significant subsidiary under SEC rules as of October 3, 2021.
Entity NameOrganized Under the Laws of:
AmRest Coffee s.r.o.Czech Republic
AmRest Coffee Sp. z o. o.Poland
AmRest Kavezo Kft.Hungary
Association Centro de Assessoria e Suporte da Starbucks BrazilBrazil
Bay Bread LLCDelaware
Beijing Starbucks Coffee Co., Ltd.China
Centro de Apoyo al Productor de Starbucks Guatemala, LimitadaGuatemala
Chengdu Starbucks Coffee Company LimitedChina
CHH Cafe LLCTexas
CHH Holdings of Texas LLCTexas
Coffee Concepts (Southern China) LimitedHong Kong
Coffee House Holdings, Inc.Washington
Conifer Ventures LimitedUnited Kingdom
Corporacion Starbucks Farmer Support Center ColombiaColombia
Emerald City C.V.Netherlands
Evolution Fresh, Inc.Delaware
Farmer Support Center, Asociacion CivilMexico
Guangdong Starbucks Coffee Company LimitedChina
High Grown Investment Group (Hong Kong) Ltd.Hong Kong
Holding Company International LimitedUnited Kingdom
Hubei Starbucks Coffee Company LimitedChina
Koffee Sirena LLCRussia
North American Coffee PartnershipNew York
Olympic Casualty Insurance CompanyVermont
Princi Global LimitedUnited Kingdom
Qingdao American Starbucks Coffee Company LimitedChina
SBI Nevada, Inc.Nevada
SCC Innoventure L.P.
SCI Europe I, LLCWashington
SCI Europe II, LLCWashington
SCI Investment, Inc.Washington
Seastar Colombia Supply Company S.A.S.Colombia
Seattle Coffee CompanyGeorgia
Seattle’s Best Coffee LLCWashington
Shanghai Starbucks Coffee Enterprise Co., Ltd.China
Shaya Coffee LimitedCyprus
Siren Retail CorporationWashington
SR Holdings CorporationWashington
SR2 Holdings CorporationWashington
Starbucks (China) Company LimitedChina
Starbucks (Kunshan) Coffee Co., Ltd.China
Starbucks (Shanghai) Coffee Company LimitedChina
Starbucks (Shanghai) Supply Chain Co., Ltd.China
Starbucks (Shanghai) Trade Company LimitedChina
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Starbucks AINI Coffee (Yunnan) Company LimitedChina
Starbucks Asia Pacific Investment Holding II LimitedHong Kong
Starbucks Asia Pacific Investment Holding III LimitedHong Kong
Starbucks Asia Pacific Investment Holding LimitedHong Kong
Starbucks Capital Asset Leasing Company, LLCDelaware
Starbucks Card Europe LimitedUnited Kingdom
Starbucks Coffee (Cayman) Holdings Ltd.Cayman Islands
Starbucks Coffee (Dalian) Company LimitedChina
Starbucks Coffee (Liaoning) Company LimitedChina
Starbucks Coffee (Shenzhen) Company LimitedChina
Starbucks Coffee Agronomy Company S.R.L.Costa Rica
Starbucks Coffee Asia Pacific LimitedHong Kong
Starbucks Coffee Austria GmbHAustria
Starbucks Coffee Canada, Inc.Canada
Starbucks Coffee Company (Australia) Pty LtdAustralia
Starbucks Coffee Company (UK) LimitedUnited Kingdom
Starbucks Coffee Development (Yunnan) Company LimitedChina
Starbucks Coffee EMEA B.V.Netherlands
Starbucks Coffee Holdings (UK) LimitedUnited Kingdom
Starbucks Coffee International, Inc.Washington
Starbucks Coffee Japan, Ltd.Japan
Starbucks Coffee Switzerland GmbHSwitzerland
Starbucks Coffee Trading Company SarlSwitzerland
Starbucks EMEA Holdings LtdUnited Kingdom
Starbucks EMEA Investment LtdUnited Kingdom
Starbucks EMEA LtdUnited Kingdom
Starbucks Farmer Support Center Rwanda LtdRwanda
Starbucks Farmer Support Center Tanzania LimitedTanzania
Starbucks Holding CompanyWashington
Starbucks Holding Company Pte. Ltd.Singapore
Starbucks International (Holdings) LtdUnited Kingdom
Starbucks Italy S.r.l.Italy
Starbucks Manufacturing CorporationWashington
Starbucks Manufacturing EMEA B.V.Netherlands
Starbucks New Venture CompanyWashington
Starbucks Singapore Investment Pte. Ltd.Singapore
Starbucks Switzerland Austria Holdings B.V.Netherlands
Starbucks Trading, G.K.Japan
Tata Starbucks Private LimitedIndia
Teavana Puerto Rico, LLCDelaware
The New French Bakery, Inc.California
Torrefazione Italia LLCWashington
Xi’an Starbucks Coffee Company LimitedChina
Xingran (Shanghai) Investment Partnership

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