EX-21 2 v404063_ex21.htm EXHIBIT 21


Exhibit 21


Subsidiaries of Hallmark Financial Services, Inc.


Name of Subsidiary   Jurisdiction of Incorporation
o   Aerospace Claims Management Group, Inc.*   Texas
o   Aerospace Flight, Inc.*   Texas
o   Aerospace Holdings, LLC*   Texas
o   Aerospace Insurance Managers, Inc.*   Texas
o   Aerospace Special Risk, Inc.*   Texas
o   American Hallmark General Agency, Inc.   Texas
    (d/b/a Hallmark Insurance Company)    
o   American Hallmark Insurance Company of Texas*   Texas
o   American Hallmark Insurance Services, Inc.*   Texas
o   CYR Insurance Management Company*   Texas
o   Effective Claims Management, Inc.*   Texas
o   Hallmark Claims Service, Inc.   Texas
    (d/b/a Hallmark Insurance Company)    
o   Hallmark County Mutual Insurance Company*   Texas
    (controlled through a management agreement)    
o   Hallmark Finance Corporation*   Texas
o   Hallmark Insurance Company*   Arizona
o   Hallmark National Insurance Company*   Arizona
o   Hallmark Specialty Insurance Company*   Oklahoma
o   Hardscrabble Data Solutions, LLC*   New Jersey
o   Heath XS, LLC*   New Jersey
o   Pan American Acceptance Corporation*   Texas
o   TBIC Holding Corporation, Inc.*   Texas
o   TBIC Risk Management, Inc.*   Texas
o   Texas Builders Insurance Company*   Texas
o   Hallmark Specialty Underwriters, Inc.*   Texas
o   TGA Special Risk, Inc.*   Texas


* Conducts business under its corporate name.