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Forging Retail Partnerships Through Innovative Products
Copyright 2009

Forward-Looking Statements
 This presentation, including any financial information, contains "forward-looking
 statements" as that term is defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of
 1995, as amended. These statements are based on the Company’s and its
 subsidiaries’ current expectations and involve risks and uncertainties, which may cause
 results to differ materially from those set forth in the statements. CHDT undertakes no
 obligation to publicly update any forward-looking statement, whether as a result of new
 information, future events, or otherwise. Forward-looking statements in this
 presentation and risks associated with any investment in CHDT, which is a small
 business concern and a "penny stock company” and, as such, a highly risky investment
 suitable for only those who can afford to lose such investment, should be evaluated
 together with the many uncertainties that affect CHDT's business, particularly those
 mentioned in the cautionary statements in current and future CHDT's SEC Filings.

The Company
 CHDT Corporation is a management company
 with operating subsidiaries focused on
 designing and manufacturing consumer
 packaged goods for the North American and
 European retail markets.

Operating Subsidiaries/Brands

Consumer Product Lines
  Book lights, Task lights and Eco-i-Lites™
 STP®-branded tools and automotive accessories
  “Personal Pocket Safe”™ and “Secret Diary”™
 and Safe Mouse™

Capstone Lighting

Full line of Lithium Powered Tools
Popular Automotive Accessories
STP® Tools and Auto Accessories

Personal Pocket Safe™
Secret Diary™
Black Box Innovations
Safe Mouse™


 Automotive  Checkers, Kragen
 Auto, Murray’s, and Shucks
Book  Barnes & Noble
Catalog Fingerhut, Smarthome
Mass Meijer, Target, Walmart, Sears
Office Staples
Online Amazon.com,
Shopping network QVC
Warehouse Clubs BJ’s, Costco,and Sam’s Club
Distribution Channels

Book Light Promotions

Costco Back to School

STP® Tools at Sam’s Club

Eco-i-Lite™ at Costco



O, The Oprah Magazine - “O List”, September
2008 (circulation: 2,405,177)
New York Times - “Circuits” section, August 14,
2008(circulation: 1,077,256)
nytimes.com - August 14, 2008 (Nielsen Net Rating:
Family Circle - Holiday Gift Guide, Expected
December 2008 (circulation: 4,011,530)
Popular Science, July 2008 (circulation: 1,364,865)
Laptop Magazine, July 2008 (circulation: 98,471)
oprah.com, August 14, 2008 (Nielsen 2,828,716)
And more…
PPS In the News

The O List, Oprah Magazine
“Better Safe
Than Sorry”

The New York Times
“A pocket Size Digital
Security Guard that Keeps Your
Numbers Secret”

Black Box Innovations has
been awarded an international
CES Innovations Design and
engineering award for the
Personal Pocket Safe™.
Products are judged by a
preeminent panel of independent
industrial designers, engineers
and members of the trade press
to honor outstanding design and
engineering in cutting edge
consumer electronics products.
Personal Pocket Safe™ Named CES Innovations 2009 Design
and Engineering Award

Generated over 1,900 website mentions including many
international sites:
 The Wall Street Journal Online(Germany)
 Coolhunting.com Digg.com
 Giantrealm.com  Applescope.com
 Gizmodo.com  ubergizmo.com
 Kaboodle.com  Blogowogo.com
 Mydigitallife.com  gadgetsclub.com
 sphere.com jaiku.com
 slipperybrick.com bloglog.org
 Myspace News Hatena (Japan)
Internet Coverage

Market Opportunity
We bring new ideas and concepts through innovation
 and new technology within the following guidelines:
 Designed for the shopper and consumer for common
 uses and tasks.
 Represent a compelling value
 Has reasonable profit and profit margin opportunity
 Acceptable market penetration costs

2008 Financial Highlights
 2008 Revenues of $6,745,000
 An increase of 144% vs. 2007
 2009 1st Q revenue increase 197% from
 $550,000 to $1,710,574

Revenue and Income

Keys to Success
 Experienced management in consumer products
 Proprietary products and new technologies
 Speed to market
 Low overheads
 100 years experience in China.

Revenue versus Share Price

Forging Retail Partnerships Through Innovative Products
 For more information
 CHDT Corp.
 Howard Ullman, Chairman
 Stewart Wallach, CEO
 Jill Mohler, Secretary
 350 Jim Moran Blvd Suite 120
 Deerfield Beach, Florida 33442
 954-252-3440 fax 954-252-3442
www.chdtcorp.com www.capstoneindustries.com www.stptools.com www.takeanyware.com