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Ameritas Life Insurance Corp.

("Ameritas Life")


Ameritas Variable Separate Account V,

Ameritas Variable Separate Account VA-2,

Carillon Life Account and Carillon Account

(“Separate Accounts”)


Supplement to:

Corporate Benefit VUL, Overture Applause!, Overture Applause! II,

Overture Bravo!, Overture Encore! and

Overture Annuity III-Plus

Prospectuses Dated May 1, 2007


Excel Choice and Excel Executive Edge

Prospectuses Dated November 5, 2007


Overture Ovation!, Protector hVUL,

and Excel Accumulator

Prospectuses Dated May 1, 2008


Overture Annuity II, Overture Annuity III,

Overture Accent!, and Overture Acclaim!

Prospectuses Dated September 1, 2009


VA I and VA II and VA II SA

Prospectuses Dated December 31, 2009


Excel Performance VUL (NY)

Prospectuses Dated May 1, 2010


Advantage VA III

Prospectus Dated May 1, 2012



Prospectus Dated May 1, 2013


Overture Medley®

Prospectus Dated May 1, 2016



Supplement Dated August 1, 2017


On or about October 1, 2017, the Deutsche Global Growth VIP will be renamed Deutsche International Growth VIP. All references in the prospectus to Deutsche Global Growth VIP will be replaced with Deutsche International Growth VIP.


All other provisions remain as stated in your Policy and prospectus, as supplemented.


Please retain this Supplement with the current prospectus for your variable Policy with

Ameritas Life Insurance Corp.


If you do not have a current prospectus, please contact Ameritas Life at 800-745-1112.



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