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Exhibit 16
Montgomery Coscia Greilich LLP
Certified Public Accountants
2500 Dallas Parkway, Suite 300
Plano, Texas 75093
972.748.0300 p
972.748.0700 f

Thomas A. Montgomery, CPA
Matthew R. Coscia, CPA
Paul E. Greilich, CPA
Jeanette A. Musacchio
James M. Lyngholm
Christopher C. Johnson, CPA
J. Brian Simpson, CPA
Rene E. Balli, CPA
Erica D. Rogers, CPA
Dustin W. Shaffer, CPA
Gary W. Boyd, CPA
Michal L. Gayler, CPA
Gregory S. Norkiewicz, CPA
Karen R. Soefje, CPA

May 2, 2012

Securities and Exchange Commission
Office of the Chief Accountant
Regarding: Halo Companies, Inc., Commission file number 000-15862

We have reviewed the Halo Companies, Inc. Form 8-K dated May 1, 2012 regarding Item 4.01 Changes in Registrant’s Certifying Accountant.  We agree with the presentation and content of this disclosure.
Paul E. Greilich, Partner