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Prospectus Supplement  June 10, 2013 

In the prospectus for each fund listed below, the sections Fund summary or Fund summaries, How do I sell or exchange fund shares? and Policy on excessive short-term trading are supplemented to reflect that the 1.00% short-term trading fee (also known as a redemption fee) described in the prospectus will no longer apply, effective for shares of the fund purchased on or after June 24, 2013.

Putnam Capital  Putnam High Yield 
Opportunities Fund  Advantage Fund 
Putnam Capital Spectrum Fund  Putnam High Yield Trust 
Putnam Convertible  Putnam International Capital 
Securities Fund  Opportunities Fund 
Putnam Dynamic Asset  Putnam Small Cap 
Allocation Equity Fund  Growth Fund 
Putnam Equity Spectrum Fund  Putnam Small Cap Value Fund 
Putnam Floating Rate  Putnam Tax-Free 
Income Fund  High Yield Fund 


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