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State of Incorporation
Subsidiary (1)or OrganizationName(s) under which Subsidiary Conducts Business
The financial statements of the following entities were consolidated into the financial statements of the Registrant at December 31, 2020
Duke Realty Corporation (2):
Duke Realty Limited PartnershipIndianaDuke Realty Limited Partnership;
Duke Realty of Indiana Limited Partnership (AZ, KY, MO, NC);
Duke Indiana Realty Limited Partnership (TX)
Duke Realty Corporation and Duke Realty Limited Partnership:
Duke Acquisition, Inc.GeorgiaDuke Acquisition, Inc.
Duke Realty OhioIndianaDuke Realty Ohio
Duke Construction Limited PartnershipIndianaDuke Construction Limited Partnership;
Duke Indiana Construction Limited Partnership (FL, NJ);
Duke Construction Limited Partnership of Michigan (MI);
Duke Indiana Construction (NY);
Duke Construction, an Indiana limited partnership (WI);
Indiana Construction (AZ)
Duke Realty Construction, Inc.IndianaDuke Realty Construction, Inc.
Duke Realty Services, LLCIndianaDuke Realty Services, LLC (PA, WA);
Duke Realty Services of Indiana, LLC (KY, MO, WI);
Duke Realty Services of VA, LLC (VA);
Duke Texas Realty Services, LLC (TX)
Duke Realty Services Limited PartnershipIndianaDuke Realty Services Limited Partnership;
Duke Realty Services of Indiana Limited Partnership (AZ, WA)
Duke Business Centers CorporationIndianaDuke Business Centers Corporation
Kenwood Office AssociatesOhioKenwood Office Associates
Duke Realty Land, LLCIndianaDuke Realty Land, LLC
PK-Duke Development, LLCIndianaPK-Duke Development, LLC
Duke Realty Corporation and Duke Realty Limited Partnership accounted for the following entities on the equity method at December 31, 2020
B/D Limited PartnershipIndianaB/D Limited Partnership
Dugan Texas LLCDelawareDugan Texas LLC
Lamida Group, L.L.C.IndianaLamida Group, L.L.C.
Cincinnati Development Group/Other Ventures LLCOhioCincinnati Development Group/Other Ventures LLC
AD West End, LLCIndianaAD West End, LLC
Browning/Duke, LLCDelawareBrowning/Duke, LLC
Browning/Duke II, LLCDelawareBrowning/Duke II, LLC
Lafayette Real Estate LLCDelawareLafayette Real Estate LLC
Hangar, LLCIndianaHangar, LLC
AP Anson 7B, LLCDelawareAP Anson 7B, LLC
AP Midwest 8, LLCDelawareAP Midwest 8, LLC
Duke/Allpoints Indy, LLCDelawareDuke/Allpoints Indy, LLC
AireCorr, LLCIndianaAirecorr, LLC
(1) The names of certain subsidiaries which, if considered in the aggregate as a single subsidiary, would not constitute a “significant subsidiary”, have been omitted pursuant to Item 601(b)(21)(ii) of Regulation S-K.
(2) Duke Realty Corporation is the parent of 149 wholly owned subsidiaries that are organized and operated in the United States, and are in the real estate ownership, operating, and development business.