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The following is a list of subsidiaries of the Company as of December 31, 2007, omitting some subsidiaries which, considered in the aggregate, would not constitute a significant subsidiary.

NAME Where Incorporated
412357 Ontario Inc. Canada
A S Ruffel (Mozambique) Limitada Mozambique
A.S. Ruffel (Private) Limited Zimbabwe
A/O Pfizer Russia
Adenylchemie GmbH Germany
Agouron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. California
Alginate Industries (Ireland) Ltd. Ireland
American Food Industries, Inc. Delaware
Andean Services S.A. Colombia
Angiosyn, Inc. Delaware
Balverda S.R.L. Italy
BINESA 2002, S.L. Spain
Biocor Animal Health Inc. Delaware
Bioindustria Farmaceutici S.R.L. Italy
Bioren, Inc. Delaware
BioRexis Pharmaceutical Corporation Delaware
Biosearch Manufacturing S.r.l. Italy
Blue Whale Re Ltd. Vermont
C.P. Pharmaceuticals International C.V. Netherlands
Capsugel (Thailand) Co. Ltd. Thailand
Capsugel Belgium BVBA Belgium
Capsugel de Mexico, S. de R.L. de C.V. Mexico
Capsugel France France
Capsugel Healthcare Limited India
Capsugel Japan Inc. (KK) Japan
Capsugel Ploermel France
Centrofarma, Sociedad Anonima Guatemala
Ceuticlab Laboratorios de Produtos Farmaceuticos, Lda. Portugal
Charlie Papa Operations, LLC New Jersey
CHC Direct LLC Delaware
Compania Farmaceutica Upjohn, S.A. Guatemala
Consumer Health Products (Minority Interests) Company United Kingdom
Continental Farmaceutica, S.L. Spain
Continental Pharma, Inc. Delaware
Davis Medica, Sociedad Limitada, Sociedad Unipersonal Spain
Distribuidora Mercantil Centro Americana, S.A. Delaware
Duchem Laboratories Limited India
Embrex Bio-Tech Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. People’s Republic of China
Embrex De Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V. Mexico
Embrex Europe Limited United Kingdom
Embrex France France
Embrex Iberica s.l. Spain
Embrex Poultry Health, LLC North Carolina
Embrex Sales, Inc. North Carolina
Embrex, Inc. North Carolina
Esperion LUV Development, Inc. Delaware
Esperion Therapeutics, Inc. Delaware
Farminova Produtos Farmaceuticos de Inovacao, Lda. Portugal
Farmitalia Carlo Erba Limited United Kingdom

Farmogene Productos Farmaceuticos Lda. Portugal
G. D. Searle & Co. Limited United Kingdom
G. D. Searle (Thailand) Limited Thailand
G. D. Searle International Capital LLC Delaware
G. D. Searle LLC Delaware
G. D. Searle South Africa (Pty) Ltd. South Africa
Gödecke GmbH Germany
Gödecke OTC Beteiligungs GmbH Germany
Greenstone LLC Delaware
Hepar Contribution LLC Delaware
Idun Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Delaware
Inovoject do Brasil Limitada Brazil
International Affiliated Corporation LLC Delaware
Invicta Farma, S.A. Spain
J B Tillott Limited United Kingdom
Jouveinal Holland B.V. Netherlands
Kenfarma, S.A. Spain
Keystone Chemurgic Corporation Delaware
Kiinteistö oy Espoon Pellavaniementie 14 Finland
Kiinteistö Oy Helsingin Tietokuja Finland
Kommanditbolaget Hus Gron Sweden
Korea Pharma Holding Company Limited Hong Kong
Laboratoires Pfizer SA Morocco
Laboratorios Laprofa, Sociedad Anonima Guatemala
Laboratorios Parke Davis, S.L. Spain
Laboratorios Pfizer Ltda. Brazil
Laboratórios Pfizer, Lda. Portugal
Lothian Developments V SPRL Belgium
MED Urological, Inc. Minnesota
Mederio AG Switzerland
Meridica Limited United Kingdom
Monterey Kelp Corporation California
MTG Divestitures Handels GmbH Austria
MTG Divestitures Limited United Kingdom
MTG Divestitures LLC Delaware
Nefox Farma, S.A. Spain
Nostrum Farma, S.A. Spain
O.C.T. (Thailand) Ltd. Thailand
Orsim France
PanServ Personalberatungs- und Anzeigenservice GmbH Germany
Paris Montrouge II (Nederland) B.V. Netherlands
Paris Montrouge II SARL France
Parke Davis & Co. Limited Isle of Jersey
Parke Davis International Limited Bahamas
Parke Davis Productos Farmaceuticos Lda. Portugal
Parke Davis Pty Limited Australia
Parke, Davis & Company Limited Pakistan
Parke, Davis & Company LLC Michigan
Parke-Davis GmbH Germany
Parke-Davis Manufacturing Corp. Delaware
Parke-Davis Sales Corporation Virgin Islands
P-D Co., Inc. Delaware
Pfidev3 (S.A.S.) France
Pfidev4 (S.A.S.) France
Pfizer (China) Research and Development Co. Ltd. People’s Republic of China
Pfizer (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Malaysia
Pfizer (Perth) Pty Limited Australia
Pfizer (S.A.S.) France

Pfizer (Thailand) Limited Thailand
Pfizer A.G. Switzerland
Pfizer A/S Norway
Pfizer AB Sweden
Pfizer Africa & Middle East for Pharmaceuticals, Animal Health &  
   Chemicals S.A.E. Egypt
Pfizer Afrique de L’Ouest Senegal
Pfizer Algerie Sante et Nutrition Animale s.p.a. Algeria
Pfizer Animal Health B.V. Netherlands
Pfizer Animal Health Korea Ltd. South Korea
Pfizer Animal Health MA EEIG United Kingdom
Pfizer Animal Health SA Belgium
Pfizer ApS Denmark
Pfizer Asia Contract Operations Pte. Ltd. Singapore
Pfizer Asia Holdings B.V. Netherlands
Pfizer Asia Manufacturing PTE. Ltd. Singapore
Pfizer Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. Singapore
Pfizer Australia Holdings Pty Limited Australia
Pfizer Australia Pty Limited Australia
Pfizer Australia Superannuation Pty Ltd. Australia
Pfizer B.V. Netherlands
Pfizer Berlin GmbH Germany
Pfizer Beteiligungs-G.m.b.H. Germany
Pfizer Bolivia S.A. Bolivia
Pfizer Canada Inc. Canada
Pfizer Caribe Limited Guernsey
Pfizer Chile S.A. Chile
Pfizer Cia. Ltda. Ecuador
Pfizer Consumer Inc. Japan
Pfizer Continental Holdings SARL Luxembourg
Pfizer Continental Services LLC Delaware
Pfizer Convention III LLC Delaware
Pfizer Convention IV LLC Delaware
Pfizer Co-Promotions Limited Isle of Jersey
Pfizer Cork Limited Ireland
Pfizer Corporation Panama
Pfizer Corporation Austria Gesellschaft m.b.H. Austria
Pfizer Corporation Hong Kong Limited Hong Kong
Pfizer Croatia d.o.o. Croatia
Pfizer Deutschland GmbH Germany
Pfizer Distribution Company Ireland
Pfizer Distribution Services Belgium
Pfizer Domestic Ventures Limited Isle of Jersey
Pfizer Dominicana, S.A. Dominican Republic
Pfizer Egypt S.A.E. Egypt
Pfizer Enterprises Inc. Delaware
Pfizer Enterprises SARL Luxembourg
Pfizer ESP Pty Ltd. Australia
Pfizer Europe Holdings SARL Luxembourg
Pfizer Europe MA EEIG United Kingdom
Pfizer Europe Services LLC Delaware
Pfizer European Service Center BVBA Belgium
Pfizer Export AB Sweden
Pfizer Export Company Ireland
Pfizer Finance GmbH & Co. KG Germany
Pfizer Finance International Ireland
Pfizer Finance Share Service (Dalian) Co., Ltd. People’s Republic of China
Pfizer Finance Verwaltungs GmbH Germany

Pfizer Financial Services NV/SA Belgium
Pfizer Fundings International Ireland
Pfizer Global Holdings B.V. Netherlands
Pfizer Global Investments SARL Luxembourg
Pfizer Global Supply Ireland
Pfizer Global Trading Ireland
Pfizer GmbH Germany
Pfizer Group Limited United Kingdom
Pfizer H.C.P. Corporation New York
Pfizer Health AB Sweden
Pfizer Health Solutions Inc. Delaware
Pfizer Healthcare Consultant (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. People’s Republic of China
Pfizer Healthcare Ireland Ireland
Pfizer Hellas, A.E. Greece
Pfizer HK Service Company Limited Hong Kong
Pfizer Holding France (S.C.A.) France
Pfizer Holding Italy S.p.A. Italy
Pfizer Holding und Verwaltungs G.m.b.H. Germany
Pfizer Holding Ventures Ireland
Pfizer Holdings B.V. Netherlands
Pfizer Holdings Bermuda Ltd. Bermuda
Pfizer Holdings Europe Ireland
Pfizer Holdings International Luxembourg (PHIL) Sarl Luxembourg
Pfizer Holdings Luxembourg SARL Luxembourg
Pfizer Holdings Mexico, S. de R.L. de C.V. Mexico
Pfizer Holdings Netherlands B.V. Netherlands
Pfizer Holdings Turkey Limited Isle of Jersey
Pfizer Hungary Asset Management LLC Hungary
Pfizer Ilaclari Limited Sirketi Turkey
Pfizer International Bank Europe Ireland
Pfizer International Corporation Panama
Pfizer International Holdings Ireland
Pfizer International LLC New York
Pfizer International Luxembourg SA Luxembourg
Pfizer International Operations (S. A. S.) France
Pfizer International Trading (Shanghai) Limited People’s Republic of China
Pfizer Inventory Co. Delaware
Pfizer Investment Capital Ireland
Pfizer Investment Co. Ltd. People’s Republic of China
Pfizer Ireland Pharmaceuticals Ireland
Pfizer Ireland Pharmaceuticals Ireland
Pfizer Ireland Ventures Ireland
Pfizer Italia S.r.l. Italy
Pfizer Japan Inc. Japan
Pfizer Jersey Capital Limited Isle of Jersey
Pfizer Jersey Company Limited Isle of Jersey
Pfizer Jersey Finance Limited Isle of Jersey
Pfizer Laboratories (Pty) Limited South Africa
Pfizer Laboratories Limited Kenya
Pfizer Laboratories Limited Pakistan
Pfizer Limitada Angola
Pfizer Limited Taiwan
Pfizer Limited Tanzania
Pfizer Limited Thailand
Pfizer Limited Uganda
Pfizer Limited United Kingdom
Pfizer LLC Russia
Pfizer Luxco Holdings Sarl Luxembourg

Pfizer Luxco Production SARL Luxembourg
Pfizer Luxembourg SARL Luxembourg
Pfizer Manufacturing Belgium NV Belgium
Pfizer Manufacturing Deutschland GmbH Germany
Pfizer Manufacturing Frankfurt GmbH Germany
Pfizer Manufacturing Frankfurt Verwaltungs GmbH Germany
Pfizer Manufacturing LLC Delaware
Pfizer Manufacturing Services Ireland
Pfizer Medical Technology Group (Belgium) N.V. Belgium
Pfizer Middle East for Pharmaceuticals, Animal Health and  
   Chemicals S.A.E.
Pfizer Namibia (Proprietary) Limited Namibia
Pfizer New Zealand Limited New Zealand
Pfizer OTC B.V. Netherlands
Pfizer OTC Beteiligungs GmbH Germany
Pfizer Overseas LLC Delaware
Pfizer Oy Finland
Pfizer Participations SARL Luxembourg
Pfizer Pension Trustees (Ireland) Limited Ireland
Pfizer Pension Trustees Ltd. United Kingdom
Pfizer PGM (S.A.S.) France
Pfizer PGRD (S.A.S.) France
Pfizer Pharm Algerie Algeria
Pfizer Pharma GmbH Germany
Pfizer Pharma Trade LLC Egypt
Pfizer Pharmaceutical (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. People’s Republic of China
Pfizer Pharmaceutical India Pvt. Ltd. India
Pfizer Pharmaceutical Trading Limited Liability  
   Company (a/k/a Pfizer Kft. or Pfizer LLC)
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals B.V. Netherlands
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Israel Ltd. Israel
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Jersey Limited Isle of Jersey
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Korea Limited South Korea
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Limited Cayman Islands
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals LLC Delaware
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Ltd. People’s Republic of China
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Tunisie Sarl Tunisia
Pfizer Pigments Inc. Delaware
Pfizer Polska Sp. z.o.o. Poland
Pfizer Precision Holdings SARL Luxembourg
Pfizer Prev - Sociedade de Previdencia Privada Brazil
Pfizer Private Limited Malaysia
Pfizer Private Ltd. Singapore
Pfizer Production LLC Delaware
Pfizer Products Inc. Connecticut
Pfizer Products India Private Limited India
Pfizer Romania SRL Romania
Pfizer S.A. Colombia
Pfizer S.A. Peru
Pfizer S.G.P.S. Lda. Portugal
Pfizer S.R.L. Argentina
Pfizer SA (Belgium) Belgium
Pfizer Saidal Manufacturing Algeria
Pfizer Science and Technology Ireland Limited Ireland
Pfizer Service Company BVBA Belgium
Pfizer Service Company Ireland Ireland
Pfizer Services 1 (S.N.C.) France
Pfizer Services 2 (S.N.C.) France

Pfizer Services LLC Delaware
Pfizer Shared Services Ireland
Pfizer Shareholdings Intermediate SARL Luxembourg
Pfizer Singapore Trading Pte. Ltd. Singapore
Pfizer Specialities Ghana Ghana
Pfizer Specialties Limited Nigeria
Pfizer Sterling Investments Limited Isle of Jersey
Pfizer Suzhou Animal Health Products Co., Ltd. People’s Republic of China
Pfizer Suzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. People’s Republic of China
Pfizer Technologies Limited United Kingdom
Pfizer Trading Polska sp.z.o.o. Poland
Pfizer Tunisie SA Tunisia
Pfizer UK Group Limited United Kingdom
Pfizer Vaccines LLC Delaware
Pfizer Venezuela, S.A. Venezuela
Pfizer Ventures Limited Isle of Jersey
Pfizer Warner Lambert Luxembourg SARL Luxembourg
Pfizer Zona Franca, S.A. Costa Rica
Pfizer, Inc. Philippines
Pfizer, S.A. Costa Rica
Pfizer, S.A. Spain
Pfizer, S.A. de C.V. Mexico
Pfizer, spol. s r.o Czech Republic
Pharmacia & Upjohn Cambridge Limited United Kingdom
Pharmacia & Upjohn Company LLC Delaware
Pharmacia & Upjohn Company, Inc. Delaware
Pharmacia & Upjohn Holding Company Delaware
Pharmacia & Upjohn LLC Delaware
Pharmacia & Upjohn Management Company Limited United Kingdom
Pharmacia & Upjohn S.p.A. Italy
Pharmacia & Upjohn Trading Corporation Michigan
Pharmacia & Upjohn, S.A. de C.V. Mexico
Pharmacia (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd. South Africa
Pharmacia Africa Ltd. United Kingdom
Pharmacia Animal Health Limited United Kingdom
Pharmacia Asia Limited Hong Kong
Pharmacia Australia Pty Ltd. Australia
Pharmacia B.V. Netherlands
Pharmacia Brasil Ltda. Brazil
Pharmacia Corporation Delaware
Pharmacia de Centroamerica S.A. Panama
Pharmacia de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. Mexico
Pharmacia Diagnostics Verwaltungs GmbH Germany
Pharmacia Europe EEIG United Kingdom
Pharmacia GmbH Germany
Pharmacia Grupo Pfizer, S.L. Spain
Pharmacia Hepar Inc. Delaware
Pharmacia Holding AB Sweden
Pharmacia Ilac Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Sirketi Turkey
Pharmacia Inter-American LLC Michigan
Pharmacia International B.V. Netherlands
Pharmacia International Inc. South Dakota
Pharmacia International SARL Switzerland
Pharmacia Ireland Limited Ireland
Pharmacia Korea Ltd. South Korea
Pharmacia Laboratories Limited United Kingdom
Pharmacia Learning Center Corporation Delaware
Pharmacia Limited United Kingdom

Pharmacia Limited Company Michigan
Pharmacia Little Island Limited Ireland
Pharmacia Malaysia Sdn Bhd. Malaysia
Pharmacia Pharmatrade LLC Hungary
Pharmacia Polska Sp.z.o.o. Poland
Pharmacia S.A. Peru
Pharmacia Searle Limited United Kingdom
Pharmacia Singapore Pte Ltd. Singapore
Pharmacia UK Holding Company (in liquidation) United Kingdom
Pharmacia UK Limited United Kingdom
Pharmacia United, Inc. Philippines
Pharmacia-Pfizer EEIG United Kingdom
PHS Sub, Inc. Delaware
PowderJect Research Limited United Kingdom
PowderJect Therapeutics, Inc. Delaware
PowderJect Vaccines, Inc. Delaware
PowderMed Limited United Kingdom
PowderMed Vaccines, Inc. Delaware
PowderMed, Inc. Delaware
ProRe SA Luxembourg
Prosec (Ireland) Limited Ireland
Prosec Forsakrings AB (Prosec Insurance Co. Ltd.) Sweden
PT. Capsugel Indonesia Indonesia
PT. Pfidex Pharma Indonesia
PT. Pfizer Indonesia Indonesia
Quigley Company, Inc. New York
Renrall LLC Wyoming
Rinat Neuroscience Corp. Delaware
Rivepar France
Roerig B.V. Netherlands
Roerig Produtos Farmaceuticos, Lda. Portugal
Roerig S.A. Chile
Roerig, Inc. Philippines
Roerig, S.A. Venezuela
Searle & Co. Delaware
Searle Argentina S.R.L. Argentina
Searle Belgium BVBA Belgium
Searle Chemicals, Inc. Delaware
Searle de Mexico S.A. de C.V. Mexico
Searle GmbH Germany
Searle Holdings B. V. Netherlands
Searle Invest B. V. Netherlands
Searle Laboratorios, Lda. Portugal
Searle LLC Nevada
Searle Ltd. Bermuda
Sefarma S.r.l. Italy
Sensus Drug Development Corporation Delaware
Shiley International California
Shiley LLC California
Sinergis Farma-Produtos Farmaceuticos, Lda. Portugal
Site Realty, Inc. Delaware
SmithKline Beecham Animal Health (SWA) (Pty) Ltd. Namibia
Solinor Investments SARL Luxembourg
Solinor LLC Delaware
Substantia (S.A.S.) France
Sugen, Inc. Delaware
Suzhou Capsugel Ltd. People’s Republic of China
Swordfish Holding GmbH Germany

Tabor Corporation Delaware
The Pfizer Incubator LLC Delaware
The Kodiak Company Ltd. Bermuda
The Upjohn Holding Company M LLC Delaware
The Upjohn Manufacturing Company LLC Delaware
Thorney Company Ireland
Upjohn International Holding Company Delaware
Upjohn International Inc. Michigan
Upjohn Laboratorios Lda. Portugal
Upjohn Pharmaceuticals Limited Delaware
Vaccination Services S. de R. L. de C.V. Mexico
Viagra Ltd. United Kingdom
Vicuron Pharmaceuticals Inc. Delaware
Vicuron Pharmaceuticals Italy S.r.l. Italy
Vinci Farma, S.A. Spain
Warner Lambert (UK) Limited United Kingdom
Warner Lambert Company (M) Sdn Bhd Malaysia
Warner Lambert Consumer Healthcare Pty Limited Australia
Warner Lambert del Uruguay S.A. Uruguay
Warner Lambert Ilac Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Sirketi Turkey
Warner Lambert Poland Sp.z.o.o. Poland
Warner Lambert Pty Limited Australia
Warner Lambert Zimbabwe (Private) Limited Zimbabwe
Warner-Lambert (East Africa) Limited Kenya
Warner-Lambert (Nigeria) Limited Nigeria
Warner-Lambert (Tanzania), Limited Tanzania
Warner-Lambert (Thailand) Limited Thailand
Warner-Lambert Company AG Switzerland
Warner-Lambert Company LLC Delaware
Warner-Lambert de El Salvador, S.A. de C.V. El Salvador
Warner-Lambert de Honduras, Sociedad Anonima Honduras
Warner-Lambert de Puerto Rico, Inc. Puerto Rico
Warner-Lambert GmbH Germany
Warner-Lambert Guatemala, Sociedad Anonima Guatemala
Warner-Lambert Ireland Ireland
Warner-Lambert Kenya Limited Kenya
Warner-Lambert Pottery Road Limited Ireland
Warner-Lambert SA (Pty) Limited South Africa
Warner-Lambert, S.A. Delaware
Wilcox Sweets (Pty) Limited South Africa
W-L (Europe) United Kingdom
W-L (Portugal) United Kingdom
W-L (Spain) United Kingdom
WL de Guatemala, Sociedad Anonima Guatemala
W-L LLC Delaware
Yusafarm D.O.O. Serbia